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‘Kids Will Humble You So Bad’: Alicia Keys’ Son Genesis Calls Out Mom for Wearing Nipple Pasties During Her Performance

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ son Genesis Ali Dean appears to be very protective of his mother and what she wears on stage.

The global superstar is currently on her “Keys to the Summer” tour, but the internet is in a chokehold after she shared footage of her son’s first interaction with pasties.

Alicia Keys and her son Genesis
Alicia Keys shares her son Genesis’ hilarious reaction to her using pasties. (Photo: @aliciakeys/ YouTube Screenshot)

“Ok, it’s not a low-budget porn. It’s in fact behind the scenes,” said Keys in the intro of a new video uploaded on her YouTube channel. “I have an outfit and they keep trying to put this bra on me but the bra keeps doing this funny thing to my back. So I told her, let’s do a pasty.”

Keys expressed that she thought the idea was “fire,” as shared that she had red hearts and Hello Kitty pasty options that would be used to cover her nipples.

“Are we really gonna do this, mom?” said her son Genesis. “So everybody can see your boobs?”

His mom explained, “They can’t. They just see the heart.”

“I’ve never seen somebody do that,” Genesis said as he stood against the wall stunned.

The 42-year-old then showed her son some of the dance moves she would do with the red heart pasty on. He responded by suggesting she simply move up and down with her arms at her sides instead of waving them in the air.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s boobs. Everyone has boobs,” Keys continued as she went on to get dressed.

“Genesis was not a fan of my pasties,” she captioned a clip from her video on social media. Social media users who watched the video were left in tears as they left jokes and remarks about Genesis’ reaction in the comment section.

“I like how he came up with alternative choreography.”

“He said do the STOMP CLAP instead.”

“Kids will humble anyone so fast not even Alicia keys is safe.”

“Boys always look out for their Mommys!”

“I just love Genesis. He literally speaks his own little mind. That’s your security literally in human form.”

It’s clear Genesis plays no games when it comes to his mother, especially after he accompanied her onstage with a straight face to match. In photos on his father’s Instagram page, the 8-year-old can be seen wearing a letterman’s jacket, black sweatpants, and blue Crocs with his hands in his pockets.

“He heard how people acting at shows lately My boy serious in real life,” Swizz Beatz wrote over one of the photos.

He continued in the caption, “My boy said I’m not playing no games on moms stage He a real serious one. Thank you Gen we love you and your protection He didn’t care she was live on stage.”

More laughed in his comment section, sharing dozens of laughing emojis, including his former Ruff Ryder colleague, rapper Jadakiss.

“@therealswizzz he wasn’t playing about that shirt swime,” wrote Jadakiss. “He said matter fact security stand down tonight i got this.”

The “If I Ain’t Got You” singer will take the stage next at the Oakland Area in Oakland, California, on Aug. 1. She and Swizz Beatz also share an 11-year-old son, Egypt Dean, who fans call a “piano prodigy in the making.”

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