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‘Paying for Loyalty’: ‘LHHNY’ Chrissy Exposes Why Jonathan is Loyal to Yandy and Claims She Pays His Bills

The tension between Chrissy Lampkin and Yandy Smith-Harris is palpable.

It’s no secret the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” stars don’t like each other, but it seems the ones around them are even getting caught up in their drama, including their mutual friend Jonathan Fernandez.

Chrissy Lampkin
Chrissy Lampkin (L) and Yandy Smith-Harris (R) @chrissylampkin/instagram and VH1 screengrab

Fernandez is Smith-Harris’ best friend, but he’s also friends with Lampkin, too. He was also close to Kimbella Vanderhee, Smith-Harris ex-bestie turned foe, until she accused him of always taking the publicist’s side.

On Monday night’s episode, Fernandez explained that he and Lampkin aren’t nearly as close as they used to be and he believed it was due to his friendship with Smith-Harris and Vanderhee’s beef with the mother of two. The pair met for lunch and Fernandez confronted Lampkin about being on the outs with Smith-Harris and him as well.

“How are you in the outs with all of us,” he asked Lampkin.

The real estate professional claimed she didn’t have an issue with Fernandez, but he felt different. Fernandez said he noticed their friendship wasn’t the same after the drama between her, Vanderhee and Smith-Harris began.

Lampkin claimed she had a problem with Fernandez always defending Smith-Harris’ supposedly wrongful behavior. She also seemingly shaded both Fernandez and Smith-Harris by revealing their financial agreement.

“It’s the way you carry things whether your girlfriend is right or wrong, she’s always right because she helps you with your bills, she gives you money, she works with you. And I’m not trying to compete with that,” Lampkin told Fernandez.

She added, “It’s hard to get you to see things truly from a neutral space because of what she does for you.”

Chrissy Lampkin
Jonathan Fernandez VH1 screengrab

Although Fernandez understood where Lampkin was coming from, he still blamed Vanderhee for their dwindling friendship. The pair, however, declared they’re still friends despite their different opinions about Lampkin’s drama with Smith-Harris.

LHHNY” viewers, on the other hand, had mixed reactions to Lampkin revealing that Smith-Harris paid for Fernandez’s bills.

“Well that explains it💯💯.. sounds like she paying for loyalty 👀 And Chrissy is absolutely correct ‼️100%”

“She didn’t have to say that about the bills she being messy asf”

“Chrissy shut up. That’s what friends do they share the wealth and help their friends get to the bag. Stop acting like yandy is financially supporting that man, when the only support she is giving him is helping her friend make money and moves. She’s a clown.”

“Technically YANDY paying all you guy’s bills because the only reason Chrissy and kimbella on the show is off yandy. So wtf does her helping johnathan matter? 🤔🙄”

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