Sky Reunites with Her Sons After Explosive ‘Black Ink Crew’ Episodes

Black Ink Crew: New York star Sky took a family photo with her sons Genesis and Des that has fans in their feelings.

Sky’s relationship with her sons, especially her eldest Genesis, has been rocky but it looks like things are taking a turn for the better. The photo shows the tattoo artist and her children sitting on the couch with the caption, “❤️ Complete…

Sky and her sons

“Yaaaaasssssss so happy for you,” said one fan who gleefully cheered the family on.

Others couldn’t contain their joy and some were even brought to tears, “I tried to like the sh*t twice that’s how excited I am for you sky”

“I knew u would get your boys back! Happy for you Sky! Make new lasting memories! 💪🏾❤🔐”

“I’m in tears. So so very happy . That’s what up god bless 👩‍👦‍👦💙❤️💙🙏🙏”

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas sky! I live for this moment! So happy it’s all falling in place for u!”

In season 6 of “Black Ink Crew”, Sky reunited with her eldest son after being estranged for 15 years. Sky tearfully revealed she gave her sons up for adoption because as a teen mom she couldn’t afford to care for them. The conversation ended with a visibly emotional Genesis exploding, “That’s some bullsh*t bro!” He pushed over a table and fought the show’s security.

Sky’s younger son Des seemed to be more receptive to his mother reappearing in his life. The tattoo artist enjoyed the experience of her seeing her son off to his high school prom. By the end of the season, Sky and Des’ relationship continued to flourish while her relationship with Genesis hit a few more bumps. But the recent family photo confirms they are at least moving toward a better place.

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