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‘That’s Scary AF’: Keyshia Ka’Oir Fans Claim She and Gucci Mane Look Like Her Parents

It looks like Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane are doppelgangers of her mother and father.

The happily married couple recently celebrated the birthday of Ka’oir’s late father, which happened to be the day before her husband’s. The model posted a throwback photo of her mother and late father seemingly taken decades ago.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Throwback photo of Keyshia Ka’oir’s parents @keyshiakaoir/Instagram

Ka’oir wrote a sweet memo to her late father via Instagram on Tuesday and said, “Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for always watching over us! I truly believe u were taken away to give us a better life! #IPromiseToKeepUSmiling #IWillContinue2MakeUProud Love u always & 4 ever DADDY! Keep resting at Peace! #MyParents 2/11”

She also noted Gucci’s resemblance to her late father, adding, ” #HeLooksJustLikeMyHusband #HisBday 2/11 & GUCCI 2/12!”

Fans were amazed at how much Ka’Oir favors her mother and her husband resembles her dad.

“That’s scary af! 😲🤯 you look exactly like your mom..and Gucci look exactly like your dad!”

“Woahhh! Yes, I thought it was a throwback of you and Gucci♥️💚💛💚🤣😂!!! I was about to ask was that his dad lol”

“Looks almost like you and Gucci you look just like your mom 🥱😘💋HBD DAD.God bless your parents they produced a beautiful ambitious individual”

“Omggg yess!! They do look alike! Women always go for men who remind them of their father’s!♥️ AMAZING. You two are the spitting images of your parents! 😍❤️”

In 2017, Ka’oir opened up about the death of her father. During an interview with Breakfast Club, she revealed to the public that she watched her father get murdered at the age of 10 years old.

“He was coming home one night and they [suspects] were outside in the bushes waiting for him to walk in and they shot him in his head, we [her and her siblings] were inside,” she said.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Charlotte, N.C. – February 16: Gucci Mane (L) and Keyshia Ka’oir attend the 2019 State Farm All-Star Saturday Night at Spectrum Center on February 16, 2019, in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Her father’s death apparently prompted her and Gucci to keep their children out of the limelight. Ka’oir has three children from a previous relationship and the “So Icy” rapper has a son.

“Gucci and I both have children,”the 35-year-old told Breakfast Club, after slapping down rumors of her abandoning her children in Jamaica. “It’s a situation where I’m proud to be a mother, but I need it to be private. I don’t need the kids in the limelight. I don’t want them on social media. I need them to go to school and just be children.”

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