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‘I Don’t Give a F–k’: Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams Exchange Words Over the ‘Cookie Lady’ Drama With Kenya

It looks like the latest drama on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams at odds.

On Sunday night‘s episode, Kenya Moore was seen verbally attacking Tanya Sam after they got into an argument about Sam claiming that Moore wore a wig and not her natural hair.

The former “Miss USA” pageant called Sam a “c*nt” and brought the “Cookie Lady” to their outing, the woman Moore claimed Sam’s fiancé, Paul Judge, made a pass at.

Burruss chimed in on the ongoing feud between her co-stars Moore and Sam and discussed the latest episode on her YouTube channel. However, when the scene of Moore calling Sam a c-word appeared onscreen, Burruss laughed uncontrollably and said, “I don’t know if I really have an opinion. All I know is that was some good drama.”

A fan page of the Bravo series reposted Burruss’ thoughts, and her co-star Williams chimed in underneath the comments, saying, “No opinion says a lot. 🤷🏽 whew”

Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss. @therealhousewivesofatlanta/Instagram

The Xscape singer provocatively fired back at Williams, “No opinion says I don’t give a f–k. Giving you clarity just in case you trying to read too much into that. “

Like the rest of fans, Williams seemed taken aback by her cast mate’s response and replied, “Oh goodness 😅”

RHOA” fans had mixed reactions over the ladies’ exchange.

“Kandi never has anything to say when it comes to Kenya and that’s f–king wack. Umm how you have an opinion on everything else but that 🤔?!”

“Well damn Kandi 🤣 wrong road Porsha wrong road😂. Porsha commented on a situation that has nothing to do with her? lmao she starting stuff now.”

“Lol Kandi corny. I’m happy Porsha calling them all out. That wasnt even called for but ofc bc its porsha she felt like she needed to go in.. but if it was kenya her ass wouldve been polite or mute.. She’s Kenya’s lap dog”

“Porsha should stay in her bloody lane the same way she has an opinion kandi can say she hv none..why start a drama with kandi when KENYA did that smhhhh 😩”

Recently, Burruss’ costar Nene Leakes accused her of having an alliance with Moore, but Burruss denied her accusations.

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