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‘The Cookie Lady and Kenya Would Have Caught These Hands’: Fans Side With Tanya Sam After Kenya Moore Brings Surprise Guest to Lunch

Instead of Kenya Moore solely focusing on her strained marriage and peacefully co-parenting with her estranged husband Marc Daly, it appears she is invested in stirring up drama in a relationship that has nothing to do with her.

Since Moore and cast mate Cynthia Bailey met Shiana “The Cookie Lady” earlier in the season, Moore has been full steam ahead at spreading the news of Tanya Sam’s fiancé Paul Judge allegedly trying to woo “The Cookie Lady.” Tensions about the rumored flirting reached a boiling point on Feb. 9 in episode 13 when the ladies, including Shiana, joined for lunch and Judge’s macking became the topic of discussion.

Tanya Sam and The Cookie Lady
Tanya Sam (right) and Shiana The Cookie Lady (left) exchange words over rumors that Sam’s fiancé was flirty with the sweets business owner. (Photos: @omfgrealitytv/Instagram)

“He was pretty adamant on me sitting at the table, hanging out and chilling for a while,” explained Shiana. Sam, who appeared entertained by the story, responded with, “Wonderful.”

Shiana quickly followed up with, “Why is it such negative energy, honey? Don’t be mad at me because I’m f—–g gorgeous and your fiancé just happened to glance this way.”

Fans of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” took to social media to express their displeasure with Moore surprising Sam with the woman rumored to have been the target of her man’s affection.

“Tanya is a better woman than me…because baby the cookie lady and Kenya would have caught these hands.”

“Kenya is just showing me that a leopard can not change its spots.”

“This whole thing is just nasty and really mean spirited.”

Even Bailey, who invited Shiana to her Bailey Wine Cellar opening, caught heat on social media for her involvement.

“Kenya disgusting and Cynthia equally so for allowing that Cooke Lady to even have a moment to say anything.”

“Cynthia is definitely revealing who she really is.”

“Cynthia messy af! That’s why nene don’t f–k with her!”

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