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‘We Knew Kenya Was Lying’: Kenya Moore Exposed After Tanya Sam Reveals Co-Star Seemingly Lies About Using Hair Pieces

Tanya Sam isn’t pulling any punches with her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore.

Last week, Moore insinuated that Sam’s fiancé Paul Judge was cheating on her with a woman who worked at a local Atlanta bakery. After learning of Moore’s shady ways, Sam had some dirt of her own on Moore and outed her co-star for wearing fake hair.

Kenya Moore
Tanya Sam (left) and Kenya Moore (right). (Photo: Bravo screen grabs)

On Sunday night’s episode, the co-stars returned to Atlanta from their Toronto trip and decided to talk about the drama between Sam and Moore. Sam met up with her co-stars Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton at a spa, after finding out that Moore was talking smack about her relationship. Sam then had some tea of her own to spill about her new archnemesis.

Sam claimed Moore asked her to pick up a package for her in Toronto and take it back to Atlanta, and when she and her fiancé Judge opened it up they found a phone charger inside and a wig. Sam even brought the wig with her to the spa and showed the ladies in person.

For years, Moore has claimed that she doesn’t wear weaves or wigs in her hair. So Sam exposing Moore is an action guaranteed to incite more drama.

“RHOA” fans chimed in on the drama between the two costars.

“Uhm honestly I don’t think anyone believed Kenya hair was real ….. idk why Kenya lies about that “

“Wearing a wig doesn’t negate the fact that Kenya has long nice hair. You tried it…… 🙄 this is lukewarm tea”

“We knew Kenya was lying! Ain’t nobody scared of fake ass, contacts wearing, frontal wearing ass ” I’m so natural” Kenya #heyyywiggg 😂”

“Chile I thought it was something useful…i mean that’s light tea 😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️ Kenya bout to get Tanya’s a– 😳”

Kenya Moore

Moore recently addressed the episode on Twitter after a viewer wrote, “Why do you always go out of your way to make your cast mates feel lesser for wearing wigs? Nothing wrong with wearing wigs but you always put other women down for doing it. It wouldnt have been a problem with anyone else.”

Moore responded, “Wigs can be worn as protective styles not to hide your real hair because of damage!”
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