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‘Awww My Heart’: Safaree Samuels’ Video of Himself and Erica Mena Dancing Has Fans Swooning

It’s been nearly two weeks since Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena welcomed their daughter, and their fans seem to be enjoying watching them parent — like when Samuels was seen calming his baby down after she began to cry.

Fans also weighed in plenty during Mena’s pregnancy, so one could easily say that people are totally invested in the “Love & Hip-Hop” couple and their newborn.

Safaree Samuels shared a clip of himself and Erica Mena dancing, and it had people gushing. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images)

Proof of that can be seen underneath a video that Samuels posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Feb. 11, which shows him and Mena dancing in a hospital room.

The mom is wearing scrubs in the clip, and she buries her head in her husband’s chest while he embraces her.

In the caption, Samuels said that he and his wife were dancing to one of his songs in the video, and the moment wasn’t contrived at all, it was totally real.

“1st dance in front of baby Samuels at Labor 🍼 to my song #Purposeoflove ft @loomis._” he wrote in the caption. “😩😩 we weren’t watching that🤦🏾‍♂️ this was a surreal moment. I copied it and I’m glad i did lol.”

Out of the over 1,800 comments that were left, people said they were really touched, and they used the couple as motivation for what they want in a relationship.

“This is what it should look like and feel like😍🧡If it’s not like this God I don’t want it,” one person wrote.

“I love this. We always see them both so amped,” wrote another. “Its such a pleasure seeing them so loving and caring to one another. They both have been through so much. Happy they have happiness, joy, love and laughter with one another.”

“This is so beautiful I literally cried!” a third person revealed. “That song is amazing and to get to play it after the birth awww my heart ❤️❤️😢❤️🙌.”

Mena also posted the video to her Instagram page on the same day that Samuels did and said it was captured before she delivered.

“Baby Girl Samuels first dance,” she wrote in the caption. “My husband made it just in time for our labor. And he made it the most amazing experience.”

“Super cute, baby girl is gonna get so much love 💕,” one of Mena’s fan wrote underneath.

“What girl wouldn’t love and dream of these precious moments ❣️❣️❣️❣️ god bless this family. ✨” another person stated.

Samuels and Mena welcomed their little girl on Feb. 2

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