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‘This is Priceless’: Erica Mena Fans Gush Over How Safaree Stops Crying Daughter

It seems Safaree Samuels is already a professional when it comes to daddy duties.

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” actor’s wife, Erica Mena, caught him on camera calming down their newborn daughter after she started crying. In a black-and-white video recorded by the model on Thursday, Samuels was seen holding their daughter in his arms and singing Bryan McKnight‘s “Last Cry” to her in apparently off-key tones.

Safaree Samuels
Safaree Samuels. @iamerica_mena/Instagram

As the “Hunnid” rapper sang in a piercing falsetto, his baby girl instantly stopped crying and calmed down. Like the rest of social media users, Mena seemed shocked at her daughter’s instant silence and wrote across the video, “Somehow this makes her stop crying 😳😂😍”

Fans quickly gushed over the sweet video.

“Awww! Melting 😍 Only a daddy’s girl could love that voice❤️ I love this so much so sweet”

“Lol he sounds terrible but the baby likes daddy’s voice. So cute 😂😍 safaree will be a good #girldad”

“She just love her dad’s voice this is priceless.. He’s gonna be such a good daddy 🥺 super cute! Lmfao I love him”

“This is just the cutest thing ever!😍 i knew he would be an amazing father 😩 aww he’s sooo happy ❤️ congratulations so happy for you and Erica”

Samuels and Mena welcomed their daughter on Monday, Feb. 2.

The New York rapper, who’s a first-time dad, gushed over the precious moment and wrote, “These past 24 hrs have been an adventure to say the least!! I’m a part of the #girldad club now 🙏🏾. Perfection is here ❤️ #safaree.” He also shared a photo of the newborn gripping his finger. They have yet to reveal the child’s name.

Erica Mena
Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels. @safaree/Instagram

Mena also posted a picture of Samuels and their daughter to her page and added, “Just here staring at my husband as he obsesses over our daughter ♥️🌹🙏🏽 I thank God. I prayed for this life.”

In October, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. Mena is the mother of 12-year-old son King Conde.

Samuels was ecstatic about being a father and said in their pregnancy video, “I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m in shock, I’m in disbelief. … It’s like very surreal to me.”

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