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‘Told Y’all’: Moniece Slaughter Chimes in After Raz B Speaks on Omarion and Lil Fizz’s Beef

B2K’s Raz B stopped by BBC 1Xtra for an interview that will be fully released on Thursday, Feb. 13.

But a clip of the sit-down has already surfaced, and it shows Raz talking about Lil Fizz dating Omarion‘s ex and mother of his children, Apryl Jones.

Moniece Slaughter (left) weighed in on an interview Raz B (right) gave where he talked about Lil Fizz (left of Raz, red jacket) dating Apryl Jones, the ex-girlfriend of Omarion (second from left). (Photos: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images Entertainment, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment)

Raz has known Fizz and Omarion since they were kids in B2K together, and Raz said he noticed a pattern between his two band mates for quite some time.

Jones and Fizz revealed they were more than just friends when they kissed on an episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” a while back, but Jones recently implied that they’re no longer together.

Both were ripped online afterward, and many said they were completely wrong for being involved, considering Omarion was close to both of them at one point.

Then during an interview in November, The “Ice Box” singer broke his silence on the relationship and said, “I don’t feel any way about it.”

But he still said they should “change the narrative” of their relationship since he and Jones have two kids together.

Raz said he chose to stay clear of all the drama between Fizz and Jones but explained that Fizz and Omarion have been bumping heads over women for a while.

“I don’t know what it is because I stayed away from it,” said Raz about Fizz and Jones’ relationship. “There was a lot going on that I didn’t know about. But I know those two particular guys, since we were kids, it was always something with some girl.”

“I don’t know what that is,” he added. “Maybe Fizz wants to be Omarion. I don’t know. I’m not taking shots at my boy. Maybe he wants to be number one.”

A lot of people commented on Raz’s interview, and so did Moniece Slaughter, who’s Fizz’s ex and has a 10-year-old son with him named Kamron Frédéric.

Based on her message, Slaughter seemed to say she was right all along about Fizz and Omarion.

“Told y’all,” she wrote on Instagram. “🤷🏽‍♀️ but I’m bitter tho #tuh.”

Many other comments came in after that.

“Moniece said the same thing and we know everything that she has said has been credible so far 😩😩,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Ain’t no maybe he definitely wants to be Omarion 🤷🏽‍♀️😭,” another person commented.

“We can tell he always been jealous because he has been living in his shadow for 20 years!!” a third person wrote about Fizz.

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