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‘They Get it Right Back’: Rihanna Admits that She Likes to ‘Antagonize’ Her Fans with Info About New Music

In November of last year, Rihanna apologized to those in her inner circle that she hasn’t gotten back to after being contacted. The pop star said that she was working on achieving balance in her life and hasn’t accomplished it yet.

That message turned into Rihanna’s fans hounding her for new music, which has been happening since she released her last album “Anti” in 2016.

Rihanna spoke about her new album and her fans in a recently released interview. (Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Now, fast-forward to February 2020, and there’s been some details given about the new album, but there’s still no release date.

Rihanna talked about the pressure she receives from fans about new music when she spoke with “Entertainment Tonight” in New York City on Feb. 7.

The 31-year-old singer and business woman was in town to celebrate her new Fenty 2-20 collection launching in New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman.

“I like to antagonize my fans a little bit,” said Rihanna about her music. “Well, they antagonize me too. So they get it right back.”

The pop star’s next album is titled “R9” and it’s said to be reggae-inspired. But there’s been no word on who the guest features will be, if any, or who the producers are.

In January, however, Shaggy said he was asked to audition to be on the album, which he turned down.

But later Rihanna’s team denied that he was asked to audition, and a big debate broke out about who was telling the truth.

Besides all she’s accomplished in the music world, the Barbadian artist is also the first black woman to have her own line under the French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH.

The news came in May of last year, and at that time Rihanna said it was a “A big day for the culture.”

She also said during her “ET” interview that having her Fenty 2-20 collection at Bergdorf Goodman is a huge deal — especially since the store has so much personal significance.

“This is a monumental store in fashion, especially in New York City,” Rihanna explained. “This is one of the first places I ever came to in America. One of the first places that I could buy clothes when I got a check.”

“And so to see my brand just sit here and be a part of this establishment is really wonderful,” she added. “To see it in real life, it blows my mind. I mean, it really is special.”

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