‘I Just Don’t Know How to Tell You This’: Porsha Williams Gets Real Honest with Fiancé Dennis in Therapy, Fans Hope End to Relationship is Near

Porsha Williams wants her family unit to be the fairy tale she always imagined, but more and more it seems her fiancé Dennis McKinley is doing just enough to get by and pacify her needs.

During episode 13, Williams and McKinley meet for yet another therapy session with Dr. Sherry. It’s there that McKinley reveals that he’s over discussing the work he has to do when there are two people in the relationship.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley
Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley attend another therapy session to delve into their issues stemming from McKinley’s infidelity. (Photo: @omfgrealitytv/Instagram)

“Coming to counseling is just a lot. I’m not the only one that has to do some work. We’ve talked about me, and me, and me, me, me for the longest,” explained McKinley.

Williams noted that she has work to do and is dealing with more than just getting past her fiance’s infidelity, adding that women often feel like they have to hold onto a man.

“If I tell you exactly how I feel about the intimacy [then] you’ll be like ‘ah hell this ’bout to be a whole year, she not ’bout to have sex with me. Let me go figure something else out,'” said Williams. “I just don’t know how to tell you this,” she added.

Fans are fed up with seeing the new mother of daughter Pilar Jhena McKinley in tears and frustrated over a man most do not believe is worth her time or efforts.

“This man continues to embarrass her and all she does is believe his bulls—,” wrote one person.

“Girl..it’s time to move tf on. She holding on to that man & he ain’t even all that 💀”

” Leave already. He don’t want to be accountable,” added another person fed up with the duo’s complicated relationship.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” diva has not posted a picture of her and McKinley since Jan. 7, leaving people to speculate that the relationship may be nearing the end despite her asking people to pray for her union.

“Girl…he not for you. Get you someone that values your worth.”

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