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‘She’s Leaving Him’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Think Time is Up for Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley’s Relationship After She Asks for Prayers

Fans of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are speculating that new mom Porsha Williams will end up a single woman when the dust settles between her and fiancé Dennis McKinley.

During an episode of “Watch What Happens Live”, host Andy Cohen asked Williams if she trusts the father of her daughter Pilar Jhena McKinley. Her response, “We’re working on our relationship. We have a daughter together, just pray for us. You pray for yourself, add us in there too baby.”

Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” where she tried her best to answer questions about trusting Dennis McKinley. (Photo: Courtesy “Watch What Happens Live”)

During a recent episode of “RHOA” McKinley sits down with his mother, and both Williams’ sister, Lauren Williams, and her mother Diane to apologize for his infidelity.

“Me and Porsha have been thru some rough times in the last two months and I just wanna apologize to her,” said McKinley during the tense moment.

Williams has been as transparent about the healing process as her comfort level has allowed, often stating that it is a journey and she’s trying her best to work through their issues.

“I just never had anyone care enough about how my mom felt, how my sister felt to want to sit them down and apologize. That is the reason why I am committed to trying to trust him again,” said Williams during a confessional with a “RHOA” producer about McKinley’s sit down with their family.

When Cohen probed further, asking about the impact of McKinley recently being seen with a group of women at 4 a.m., Williams said she is figuring things out with no clear implications on whether the new rumors of infidelity have further strained the healing process.

However, after watching the interview with Cohen, fans have made their mind up about the true state of Williams and McKinley’s relationship.

“She leaving him just not putting it out there yet”

“Porsha wants her kids by the same man, she’ll probably have another kid and leave him”

“Take your loss and shut the door”

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