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‘You Have Your Hands Full’: Marjorie Harvey Braves Fancy Trip with Adorable Grandkids Sans Steve

It must be nice to charter a private jet for your travels like Steve and Marjorie Harvey; now imagine being under the age of 10 and it being a part of your lifestyle.

Fans were blown away with cuteness and playful jealousy after seeing a video of Harvey with her grandkids jetsetting for a family ski trip. Don’t worry: You’re not the only one hoping there is a window seat available with your name on it.

Marjorie Harvey
Marjorie Harvey jetsets for a ski trip with her adorable grandkids. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

“Surely you have room for one more 🙋🏾 I’m good with kids!” wrote one person.

Others chimed in with, “Can you be my Nana!!” and “I wish I was one of your grandkids 😂😂”

On the flip side, fans also appreciated getting a glimpse at the budding children who have melted hearts in photos shared on their grandparent’s social media accounts.

“Ohh my heart ❤️ also grand parents goals”

“You have your hands full!”

“Those cheeks 😍😍😍 they all are beautiful/handsome babies!!”

The five lucky cherubs are named Benjamin, Elle, Noah, Rose and Ezra, the chubby-cheeked little one grinning from ear-to-ear with a juice box.

Harvey is the proud mother of seven, including daughter Lori Harvey who has made headlines for her rumored music industry romances, though she recently confirmed her relationship with rapper Future while celebrating her birthday in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Together, the dynamic mother-daughter duo have turned heads with their good looks. Fans often exclaim “she gets it from her momma” when the 21-year-old socialite is photographed with 55-year-old Harvey looking more like a big sister than her mother.

“Whatever you are doing it’s working black don’t crack. Look amazing!”

“If I look like u at 55 I’m going to be such a problem on vacations 😍 ”

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