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Who’s Who? A Breakdown of Steve Harvey’s Grandchildren

Steve Harvey has joked that he doesn’t exactly embrace the role of grandpa as much as wife Marjorie Harvey adores grandmotherhood. But his actions online have certainly said the opposite. He’s enjoyed teaching his grandkids the ropes and cuddling with them as newborns. So, below is a who’s who of the five grandchildren he shares with his wife.

steve harvey
(Photo: @iamkarliraymond/Instagram)

Benjamin “BJ” Troy Raymond II

Harvey’s twin daughter Karli Harvey Raymond and her husband Benjamin Raymond welcomed son BJ on June 16, 2016. Steve has shared moments of him bonding with the 3-year-old on social media, including a time when he taught him to ride a scooter.

steve harvey
(Photo: @morgan_janel/Instagram)

Elle Hawthorne

Marjorie Harvey’s daughter Morgan Hawthorne welcomed daughter Elle with husband Kareem Hawthorne on March 22, 2015. Morgan’s stepdad Steve showed off the 4-year-old’s smarts on Instagram last November, as she expertly matched tiles on her grandpa’s app game “Harvey’s Hundreds.”

steve harvey
(Photo: @whoisjasonharvey/Instagram)

Noah Harvey

Steve Harvey’s stepson Jason and his wife Amanda had son Noah on Aug. 24, 2015. Today, Noah Ellington is 4 years old and the middle child of the family.

steve harvey
(Photo: @theamanda_h/Instagram)

Rose Harvey

Jason and Amanda also have a daughter, Rose, who is their oldest. She was born on June 19, 2014. The 5-year-old made waves with her brother, Noah, when they took it upon themselves to pray before their meal, which grandma Marjorie caught on video.

steve harvey
(Photo: @whoisjasonharvey/Instagram)

Ezra Harvey

Marjorie announced in April 2018 that her son Jason and his wife Amanda were expecting their third child. Ezra Harvey was born on Sept. 5, 2018, and grandpa Steve delighted in having another boy. “5th grandchild 3rd boy he’s the tie breaker lil EZRA is here….. so happy another HARVEY Boy ….. #familyiseverything,” he said on Instagram.

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  1. Ruby Lee Newsom says:

    Dear Mr. Steve and Mrs. Harvey, Oh my such a beautiful family! Your Grands are so beautiful. Love , Prayers and Hugs, Mrs. Ruby Lee Newsom of Littlefield, Texas

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