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‘So Freakin Precious’: Princess Love Gives Fans Baby Fever With Side-by-Side Photos of Her Kids at 1 Month Old

Princess Love shared a side-by-side photo collage of her daughter Melody Love and her son Epik Norwood on Instagram Wednesday, and many said how cute they look and how much they resemble each other.

“Both my babies at 1 month old ❤️,” she wrote next to the pic, which has been liked almost 216,900 times.

Princess Love (left, with daughter Melody and husband Ray J) shared photos of her two children as 1-month-olds, and many said they look like twins. (Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“They are twins😍😍😍,” one person wrote in the comments.

“So freakin precious,” wrote someone else.

“The same baby twice 😍,” another person chimed in.

Plus, a lot of people debated about who the babies look like. Some said they favor Love more, and others said they look more like their father Ray J. There were also some who said one child looks like mom and the other dad.

“Your daughter resembles you and your son resembles his dad. Beautiful babies,” one person commented.

“He has a lil more RayJ than her but both cuties!” another person wrote.

Then another follower of Love’s wrote, “Melody is ur twin and Epik is Ray J ❤️ both are just sooo cute.”

Love’s photo comes at a time when she and Ray aren’t doing too well as husband and wife.

Because in a recent Instagram Q&A, someone asked the mother of two if she and Ray are still together.

“Not right now,” Love answered. “Right now we’re just focused on the kids.”

Ray J was also asked about the status of his and Love’s relationship during an interview last month, and he too said their marriage is taking a back seat to the children.

“We love each other and our relationship matters, definitely, but right now the kids are the only thing that matters,” he explained.

“In relationships, you know you go through ups and downs, and so I think we just have to make sure, going through the ups and going through the downs, that in this time we stick together to make sure that the kids are safe and happy and comfortable, and find the rhythm,” Ray J added. “Keep us in your prayers. God will make it work.”


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