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Uh Oh: Ray J Reveals His Relationship with Princess Love is At a ‘Stand Still’

It’s been over two months since Ray J and his wife Princess Love had that nasty fight, which leaked to the public.

At first, it looked like they were heading for a divorce. Then after Ray J talked about the fight on “The Wendy Williams Show,” it looked like they were going to work things out.

Ray J (R) said his relationship with Princess Love (L) is stagnant at the moment. (Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

But now, it’s hard to tell if Ray J and Love will make it, based on what the “Sexy Can I” singer told In Touch about their relationship.

The couple recently welcomed their second child, Epik Ray Norwood, which Love confirmed on Instagram New Year’s Day 2020.

Ray J, 39, admitted to the magazine that he and his wife’s relationship is currently at a “stand still,” and they’re just focusing on the children.

“We love each other and our relationship matters, definitely, but right now the kids are the only thing that matters,” he explained.

“In relationships, you know you go through ups and downs, and so I think we just have to make sure going through the ups and going through the downs, that in this time we stick together to make sure that the kids are safe and happy and comfortable, and find the rhythm,” he added. “Keep us in your prayers. God will make it work.”

The blowup between the couple was over where they were going to reside. Ray J told Williams that he wanted to live in Las Vegas, and Love wanted to stay in Los Angeles.

After the fight, Ray J left the hotel room they shared and got his own. He then posted a photo of himself, Love and Melody attending the Soul Train Music Awards, which Love blasted him for in a post.

“Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling.. now you wanna post family photos 😂 #ByeUgly,” she wrote underneath the photo.

Ray J then went on social media and said his “Heart has been heavy for the last past week,” and he denied leaving his wife and daughter stranded.

“I love my family. I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to harm my daughter is just sad, man,” he said.

But on Williams’ show, he admitted he was totally in the wrong and no longer wants to live in Las Vegas.

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