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‘Little Doll Baby’: Porsha William’s Fashionista Daughter has Fans Swooning Over Her Cheeky Smile

Porsha Williams daughter is just under two months shy of celebrating her first birthday on March 22, and over the past 10 months fans have swooned over photos of the happy, smiling baby.

Things were no different Sunday when Williams shared a series of photos of Pilar Jhena’ McKinley rocking purple turban with just a pop of curly bangs, a purple shirt with ‘watch me win’ on the front and little gray leggings. Looking like a future fashionista, the soon-to-be 1-year-old smiled, laughed and showed she is a baby on the move.

Pilar Jhena McKinley
Cutie patootie Pilar Jhena’ McKinley is one happy baby. (Photos: @porsha4real/Instagram)

“💜💜I Can’t Take it💜💜Purple Rain☔Mommy loves you #Magical #MyFavlilHumanInMyFavColor #HappySunday #ThankYouGod,” read Williams’ caption for the series of photos.

The little one is often seen cracking a chipper smile whenever a camera is pointed in her direction. Fans who have watched McKinley become her own little person over the months were overwhelmed with cuteness oozing from the photos.

“So cute with her lil chunky self 😍”

“Cute little doll baby”

“OMG sooo pretty!!! Purple looks great on her!!”

“So damn CUTE!!! 😘”

McKinley is the first child for Williams and fiancé Dennis McKinley. The couple has had their share of ups and downs, cheating scandals, breakups and makeups, and more. And all of it has played out on television for millions of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers.

Recently, after McKinley was photographed out with four women in the wee hours of the morning, Williams said her relationship could benefit from prayers.

Further adding fuel to the fire that things are not OK in their relationship, Williams posted a photo of herself with the caption, “Sorry ASS 🤡 Done. #Unbreakable #2020Vision.”

Williams never addressed if the caption was a veiled jab at her fiancé, but fans speculated that it was about The Original Hot Dog Factory owner.

“Leave em boo!!”

“He is a clown P, not worth the tears. You do you booboo 😘😘”

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