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‘That’s All Joseline’: Stevie J. Fans Derail His Photo with 3-Year-Old Daughter After Mentioning Her Mom

It looks like Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez’s daughter Bonnie Bella is taking after her mother’s looks.

The former Bad Boy Entertainment producer took to Instagram on Tuesday evening and posted a series of videos and photos of him hanging out at home with baby Bonnie. The father and daughter duo tried on several Snapchat filters in their pictures, while seemingly enjoying their time together.

Stevie J.
Bonnie Bella Hernandez and Stevie J. (photo credit: @hitmansteviej_1/ Instagram

Stevie captioned the photo his daughter’s name, “Bonnie Bella💖.”

Many fans gushed over the father of six’s post, while others mentioned how much baby Bonnie resembled her mother Hernandez.

“Bonnie like what the heck she so adorable just adorable 😍. She looks like her mom in the first photo of you two.”

“She looks like you & Jocelyn @hitmansteviej_1 ❤️”

“What a great father so happy for you Stevie! Bonnie Bella is so cute. That’s all Joseline in the third photo.”

Just last week, social media users were convinced that the 3-year-old toddler looked just like Stevie.

Stevie J.
Stevie J. @hitmanstevie_1/Instagram

The “Hitman” producer shared an old image of himself from his childhood days and fans immediately thought of baby Bonnie.

@hitmansteviej_1 Bonniebella whole face. She looks more like you than joseline how cute 😍,” said one fan.

Another added, “Damn little Bonnie really stole your whole face. Your genes are so strong. I see all your children in this picture.”

Despite their former family squabbles, Hernandez and Stevie J. are currently co-parenting their daughter together. Stevie even shouted her out in a sweet message he wrote for their daughter’s birthday.

Stevie J.
(From Left to right) Stevie J., Adamma McKinnon, DJ Balistic, Joseline Hernandez, Baby Bonnie Bella, Sierra Gates, Akbar V. and Benzino. @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

“12.28. marks the day a marvelous soul was born. Bonnie Bella Jordan thank you for brightening most of my days & nights, I love you endlessly,” he wrote on Dec. 28.

He added, “Love being here to take you to the park, cook breakfast for you & take you on long walks & talks so you know your worth & you are priceless my doll. Thank you God & thank you @joseline so grateful to be her dad!”

As of now, the two parents are still undergoing a custody battle. Stevie currently has temporary custodial custody of Bonnie. Their next hearing is in February.

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