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‘Still Standing’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Miss Kitty Hits Back at Haters Who Says She Isn’t ‘Qualified’ to Manage Charmaine’s shop

Would it be reality television without consistent drama? Of course not, and with a new “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” episode emerging, things are sure to heat up among the cast mates.

“Black Ink Crew” cast member Miss Kitty isn’t on the best terms with the NYC crew after being fired and accused of sleeping with Ryan Henry from 9Mag.

Kitty insists she and Henry are just friends and they never had a sexual encounter. Despite the rumor, Kitty is planning to work in Chicago because Charmaine Walker told Kitty she could work at her shop, 2nd City Ink.

This didn’t sit too well with Walker’s business partner Jess. In a clip for Wednesday’s episode, Kitty told the Chicago crew that she talked to Walker and she plans to stay in New Orleans a bit longer following Walker’s mother’s passing.

“She invited me to come work in the shop, so I’m coming to the shop,” Kitty said. Everyone looked at her in disbelief as Kitty added that she would be managing the facility, and Jess revealed during a confessional that she isn’t on board with the idea.

“I’m still a little bit pissed at Charmaine offering Kitty a job without talking to me,” Jess said. “You should always talk to each other about the big moves you’re going to make, so, yeah, I do feel like I should’ve been talked to.”

Kitty made it clear that she was there to make sure the right people were working for Walker to help grow her business.

Jess rebutted and said: “You mean our business. I’m Charmaine’s partner; these are my people too.”

“This is what Charmaine wants in our shop. Me and her need a serious talk about what’s going on because I didn’t move halfway across the world for this bollocks,” Jess added during the confessional.

“Bollocks,” meaning nonsense, says Jess doesn’t believe Kitty has what it takes to manage 2nd City Ink, and neither did some Chicago crew fans in the comments section.

“I was liking Charmaine’s boss move, but now, with bringing Kitty to the shop and always still running behind Ryan for validation, she is just like them and will never learn,” one fan wrote. “Day one team is the way to go. PERIODT.”

“Charmaine has to remember she has a business partner, and she can’t make decisions like this without consulting her partner (they had this conversation before). Kitty isn’t humble, and her attitude is going cause a big problem. She won’t be there for long.”

“Being a BRAND AMBASSADOR DOES NOT MAKE YOU QUALIFIED TO BE A MANAGER!! Kitty so used to that BS in NewYork she’s coming at them with that same bad a– energy….. THIS IS CHICAGO ILLINOIS KIT, not NEW YORK do something different sweets.”

“Kitty needs leave; nobody wants her in Chicago.”

Others came to Kitty’s defense and didn’t appreciate Jess’ reaction to Kitty saying she was in Chicago to manage the shop.

“Charmaine does not owe anyone an explanation on how she chooses to handle her business. They are employees! They make HER money, not the other way around! They need to stay their lane. That’s on PERIOD!”

“Charmaine’s shop, Jess name is NOT on the deed to that shop. And Charmaine has said this.”

“British chick feels threatened 😂😂.”

“Charmaine said what she said.”

Kitty decided to respond to the criticism as well, and wrote: “OVERQUALIFIED! FYI, Charmaine is sole owner of Second City Ink. She doesn’t have to run any decisions by anyone. Oh, and I’m still there…still standing.”

Kitty’s supporters believe that Kitty threatens Jess, because in another clip Jess put her chest on Henry’s back while the crew was at a New Orleans pub.

“Jess has a problem with Kitty because she’s pretty. The envy is severe, that’s why she deliberately flirted with Ryan in her face. Their favorite line is to say she thinks she’s better than everyone and start attacking their character. It’s really sickening to watch and so transparent.”

When Kitty has a conversation with Walker she said, “It was a little bit too much fun.” Walker looked appalled. “As a grown woman, as a manager, you’re supposed to be able to reel that in,” Kitty added.

Kitty claimed that as a brand manager she would come in and put things back in order.

Check out the clip below.
Miss Kitty tells the Chicago crew that she’s managing 2nd City Ink while Charmaine is in New Orleans.
(Video: @BlackInkCrew Instagram)
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