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‘She Blushing’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Vixen Miss Kitty Says She Wouldn’t Rule Out Dating Chicago Star Ryan Henry

*’She Blushing’: Fans Give Miss Kitty the Side Eye After She Doesn’t Rule Out Dating ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Ryan Henry

Could love be in the air for Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry?

The “Black Ink Crew” actress and her “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” franchise co-star Don Brumfield talked to People TV this week and discussed the drama surrounding Kitty and Henry’s alleged affair together.

The rumor about the pair being intimate began after Kitty posted a picture of herself and Henry in New Orleans for the Essence Festival last year. It was started by Kitty’s friend and “Black Ink” costar Tati, who claimed she saw the two intimately involved with each other.

Kitty told People she was “hurt” when she found out that Tati was spreading rumors about her and Henry.

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry and Miss Kitty. (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

“Tati was one of the closest people to me in my life,” the former Black Ink brand ambassador said. “She had been there for me with my mom’s passing and everything.” Kitt added that Tati was “stirring up drama” to keep her position on the show.

Both Kitty and Henry have denied having relations with each other and claimed they’re only friends. Kitty said she believed people concocted the rumor about them due to her and the 9MAG owner both being “two attractive” people.

When asked if Kitty would be interested in dating Henry, she blushed with a huge smile across her face and responded, “I would never rule it out. Not right now, we’re friends.”

Black Ink Crew” fans gave their thoughts on Kitty’s remarks.

“I like a Ryan and Kitty connection. They both attractive and she was blushing about dating him 💕 . So maybe they could be together?”

“My opinion I feel like she’s with Ryan the chemistry the connection that they have you can tell it’s flirtatious and lustful and if she wasn’t with Caesar it would have been great but it’s messy because they were friends”

“I LUV Ryan & if him and Ms kitty hit it off that would be so great for them. Two attractive people come together what more do u expect 💏👍”

In late November, Henry addressed the rumors surrounding him and Kitty, saying, “I ain’t hit nothing, man. Whatever they said I did, I ain’t did nothing. I ain’t did or said nothing. Ain’t nobody did nothing.”

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