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‘Romeo So Mad’: Angela Simmons out Here Living Her Best Life in Video with Bow Wow

Somebody check on Romeo Miller! Now that the friendship between Angela Simmons and Miller has seemingly run its course, she’s out here putting them curves to work and having fun making videos with friends, including rapper Bow Wow.

Simmons, Bow Wow — whose real name is Shad Moss — and friend Erin Michelle had a night of shenanigans as they danced and laughed while making Tik Tok videos.

In the short video posted to her Instagram, Simmons and her old flame appear to be real friendly and happy to be spending time together. At most, the video shows friends having a good time and nothing more, but for fans of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” every social move Simmons makes can be perceived as a veiled jab at Miller.

“Romeo not gone like this at all”

Angela Simmons and Bow Wow
Angela Simmons and Bow Wow are real friendly now that Romeo Miller is seemingly out the picture. @angelasimmons/Instagram

“I know that Romeo so mad 😂😂”

“Romeo somewhere punching the air”

The once tight-knit friends had an undeniable connection, yet Miller was never successful in getting Simmons to truly acknowledge the chemistry shared between them. In the most recent season of “GUHH,” fans watched as the New Orleans rapper threw in the towel and further distanced himself from the single mother.

The rapper claimed the friendship did him “more harm than good,” and that he had had enough of having to watch the 32-year-old photo-flaunting her curves and linking up with athletes.

“Your sister [and] NBA players taking pictures like these social media models. … You’re Angela Simmons, you don’t have to do all that,” said Miller to the Simmons’ older sister, Vanessa Simmons, on an episode of “GUHH.”

Fans are saying that at the end of the day sis is living her life and probably not thinking twice about how her doing just that will impact Miller.

“live your life sis 😍😘”

“That’s how you enjoy life 😂😂”

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