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‘Throw the Rock’: ‘LHHNY’ Star Juju Hits Back at Yandy Smith Over ‘Secretive’ and ‘Calculated’ Comments

Yandy Smith-Harris appears to have a problem with several of her “Love and Hip Hop: New York” castmates and her latest beef is with her ex-bestie Juju Castaneda.

Earlier this week, Smith-Harris did an interview with PeopleTV and made a few comments about Castaneda, that the “Secrets of a Jewel” author found offensive.

Yandy Smith-Harris
(L) Yandy Smith-Harris and (R) Juju Castaneda. @VH1 screengrabs

During a recent interview with PeopleTV that aired on Sunday, Smith-Harris was asked about her long-time friend Juju and the type of person she is on the show.

The publicist responded, “Juju is very beautiful. … I think she’s very calculated. … We’ve had scenes and she’ll say certain things, hurt her feelings like saying ‘you’re being secretive. Why didn’t you tell me about that I wanted to be there for you?’ Then it’ll be a big three-episode thing.”

Smith-Harris added, “I’m like girl you know that wasn’t a big deal. … I’ll sit here and act like it bothers you for the next three episodes.”

Castaneda was clearly offended by her former bestie’s words and hit back via Instagram at Smith-Harris.

“You saying I was ‘secretive’ about my break up turned into 3 episodes because.. My response was ‘same way you were secretive about having a whole televised wedding but wasn’t married,’ ” Castaneda wrote. “You love to throw the rock and hide your hand lol.. anyway, I agree with you all in these comments… I’m too busy & unproblematic for the drama .. I serve no purpose in the mix”.

Yandy Smith-Harris
@lhhtea/Instagram juju responds to Yandy.

Smith-Harris never replied to Castaneda’s jab at her, but fans had several mixed reactions.

“Yandy is petty and does not act like an unbothered grown ass woman… although she likes to fake that shit on camera, people can always read her bullshit usually before she even speaks. 🙄”

“Juju is supposed to college educated but this comment doesn’t support that narrative at all anybody else struggled reading this? They all wanna gang up to Yandy this season”

“I use to root for Yandy and I know I see her for the fake everyone on the show says she is. Tragic. Speak Juju! 🙌🏾”

Smith-Harris’ beef with Castaneda comes after her recent feud with her friend Kimbella Vanderhee.

The pair nearly come to blows on next Monday’s episode and Vanderhee addressed the altercation via Instagram, saying, “Editing is ALL LIES this season smh! Why you think security was there prior to her ‘launch at me. … Relax Yandy not bussing a grape 💯”

Smith-Harris has yet to speak on her squabbles with both of her former friends.

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