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‘The Ultimate Disrespect!’: Porsha Williams Leaves Fans’ Jaws on the Floor When She Reveals Dennis McKinley Asked for Engagement Ring Back

The second episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 12 had fans stunned when Porsha Williams admitted her estranged fiancé Dennis McKinley asked for her 13-carat engagement ring back.

And it was after he was unfaithful to her.

Williams disclosed on the Nov. 10 episode that McKinley slept with someone else while she was pregnant with their daughter, Pilar Jhena’. During her sit-down with pals Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss, she disclosed how she and McKinley manage to co-parent while living in separate homes.

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“If I have to sacrifice my comfort level for [Pilar and McKinley] to have a good relationship, that’s what I gotta do,” she said. “I said, ‘If he gives the ring back and we get back together…”

“Give it back?” Bailey exclaimed.

“You gave the ring back?” echoed Burruss.

“No, he asked for it back,” Williams shared with an astonished Bailey and Burruss. “I didn’t think he was gon’ ask. Like, who does that?”

Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams. (@kendrickken/@porsha4real/Instagram)

Fans were equally as shocked and remarked on the matter online.

“Tf cheating is one thing, but during my pregnancy?!!! The time I need you most?!! Baby ain’t no going back! That’s the ultimate disrespect!”

“How you going give me something and then want it back. Then it wasn’t meant for me to begin with smh.”

“No baby that goes twords ya pain an suffering you always keep the ring.”

“Chile he would have to tussle with me to get that ring out of my possession.”

“Technically it was a gift to her and she isn’t required to give it back. But it’s good that she did.”

“He would’ve had to fight me for the ring back 🤷🏽‍♀️”

But despite fans wanting to go toe-to-toe with McKinley over the matter, Georgia law stipulates that an engagement ring is largely considered a conditional gift. According to Meriwether & Tharpe LLC, that means that the ring is not a final gift until the marriage is made and the person who gave the woman the rock has the right to take it back.

But while McKinley and Williams split in May, they had resumed their engagement by August. As such, Williams has since sported her ring and made it clear with a Nov. 11 Instagram post that she, McKinley and their daughter PJ are once again united.

“Swipe Everything I’ve prayed for ! 😂My babies are so cute to watch in the morning! ❤️❤️😩 @pilarjhena & Daddy #RiseAndShine #TheMckinleys #ReadyForTheDay #DaddysGirl #Family1st,” read a caption of a video that saw McKinley dressing PJ for the day.

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