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‘It’s a Scam’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Caution Phor About His Alleged ‘Baby Mama’ After She Walks Out on Paternity Test

It seems like a whirlwind of paternity drama has been surrounding “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Phor Brumfield lately.

The tattoo artist recently found out that he might have a 17-year-old daughter after a woman claimed she got pregnant by him during their teen years. He later met up with Nashauna, the alleged mother of his child, to discuss the situation and claimed he didn’t remember sleeping with her. They were apparently last intimate around 2001.

Phor Brumfield
Nashauna and Phor Brumfield. (Photos: VH1)

Brumfield also met the teenager face to face and he believe she resembled him. After spending time with his supposed daughter, Phor met with his brother Don Brumfield and told him about how naturally they bonded. Don seemed up in arms about the entire matter and urged his brother to meet back up with Nashauna for a paternity test to find out for sure if the 17-year-old girl was his daughter.

On a sneak preview for the next episode, Phor and Don met with Nashauna at a restaurant with a paternity kit on the table. The test took the woman by surprise and she instantly felt offended. Don tried to reassure her that his brother just wanted to know if the teen was his biological daughter or not, but Nashauna immediately got angry and stormed out of the restaurant.

Many “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” fans felt Nashauna was wrong for walking out on the DNA test, and others believe she’s trying to scam Phor.

“Like what did anyone think that he wouldnt do a DNA test 😲. It’s a scam, she’s trying to be on tv or get money!”

“If it’s a possibility that he is the father what’s the problem? 🤷🏽‍♀️ she never said he was definitely the father so she should not be mad about him asking for a DNA test…”

“Girl bye! Why run away from the truth. You were real slick introducing him to the girl too. Sis that’s not his daughter you wanted tv time.”

Other fans felt Don and Phor went about the paternity testing the wrong way.

“He’s gonna be hurt if that’s his child this not the right way 2 do it. He coulda did it off camera not embarrass her”

“Phor could have handled that a lot better than that smh”
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