‘Staged AF’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Blast Phor for ‘Fake’ Storyline After He Meets His Purported 17-Year-Old Daughter

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers are calling Phor Brumfield on the carpet after learning he might be a father to a 17-year-old girl.

During episode 2 this season, the “Chi-town” rapper seemingly got the shock of his lifetime after a woman reached out to him, claiming that he had sex with her sister some 18 years ago and was the father of her teenage niece. It apparently took Brumfield by surprise, but after chatting with his brother Don Brumfield and 9MAG owner Ryan Henry, Phor decided to meet with the woman who may have had his child and see if there was any truth behind the claims.

On the Jan. 8 episode, Phor is depicted sitting down with Nashauna, his alleged “baby mama,” at a coffee shop to discuss the matter. He told her that he didn’t remember sleeping with her, although she claimed they had sex in a closet during their teen years in 2001.

Phor Brumfield
Phor Brumfield. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

Phor seemed skeptical about the entire situation, but Nashauna told him that if she had not been “confident” in their relation, she wouldn’t have bothered having her sister contact him. She later introduced her 17-year-old daughter to the tattoo artist which made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

“I really don’t think this is a good idea right now because I don’t want to upset nobody and I don’t want her to look at me as a father,” Phor said in his confessional.

Phor and his potential daughter, Iyanah, came face to face for the first time and they seemed to get along well. Phor even hugged both his alleged daughter and her mother after the meeting was over.

Several “Black Ink Chicago” viewers were curious as to why Phor didn’t take a paternity test from the beginning to find out if he was the teen’s father or not. Others felt the tattoo artist’s storyline was fake.

“Get the f out of here..17 years ..nope not going for this for… This is staged af! He would’ve took a DNA test by now 🤔 “

“That’s not his kid I said it weeks ago nobody is putting that vulnerable ass situation on television for the world to see without facts first. This is fake af. really Phor smh”

“Storyline like shit 💯 why was there no dna test taken at the start?! Damn Phor u need a storylone that bad”

Phor later went on his Instagram page on Jan. 8 to tell viewers he took a paternity test and he is waiting for the results. He went on to say he would relay the results to fans when he received them.

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