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‘You Did That Hunny’: Keyshia Ka’Oir Proves She Changed Gucci Mane For the Better With Before-and-After Photos

Back when Gucci Mane was rapping about a very freaky girl that you don’t take home to mama he had some extra weight on him and wasn’t exactly known for being a sight for sore eyes, but all that changed when Keyshia Ka’Oir put her man through her workout plan.

Fans all witnessed the east Atlanta rapper transform his physique after being released from prison in May 2016. And for the most part it seems people forgot about the bloated stomach he couldn’t seem to keep a shirt over until his wife posted side-by-side photos of her husband’s throwback body and present-day toned figure.

Gucci Mane before and after
Keyshia Ka’Oir reminds fans she’s helped Gucci go from having a belly to having ripped abs. @keyshiakaoir/Instagram

“You did that hunny 💯”

“Best glow up ever 😩😭”

“Glow up glow up walk in show up 😂😂”

“Da– hard work pays 💪💪”

From his washboard abs, toned chest and arms, Gucci Mane is by all accounts a brand new man. Heck, he even has a nice set of pearly whites that he often flashes in smiling photos.

Ka’Oir captioned the photo “Don’t play with us!!! @kaoirfitness out here changing lives” while plugging her fitness site.

Mrs. Wopster often shares her workouts and shows off fans using her Ka’Oir Fitness thigh eraser, butt lifter and waist eraser bands to help them achieve that snatched physique.

Judging by Gucci’s results and Ka’Oir’s toned curves, she knows what she’s doing. Not only did Gucci find himself a good thing when he found his wife, but apparently he also found the motivation to change his life for the better and is definitely maintaining it all.

“Ight ima head to the website 💯🙌”

“I need to join the club 🤦‍♂️”

“Sis!! We need the deets, workouts, nutrition, recipes ALL OF THAT!!”

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