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‘She’s Threatened’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Claim Cyn Santana Is Intimidated By Joe’s Ex Tahiry After She Confronts Him About Rekindling Their Relationship

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: New York” viewers feel Cyn Santana has some insecurities when it comes to Joe Budden‘s ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose.

Last episode, Santana found out that her ex-girlfriend Erica Mena was playing matchmaker between her ex-fiance Budden and his off-and-on ex-girlfriend Jose. Things went South when Santana confronted Mena about her actions, saying, “To me, it sounds kind of crazy that you as a pregnant woman didn’t think ‘Oh, they just broke up a few months ago.’ “

Mena made it clear that she couldn’t care less about Santana’s feelings and left Santana no choice but to confront her newly single ex-fiancé about reconnecting with Jose.

Cyn Santana
(L) Tahiry Jose and (R) Cyn Santana and Joe Budden. @therealtahiry and @cynsantana/Instagram

On the latest episode of the show, Budden paid Santana a visit at the music studio so the pair could talk. When she pressed him about Budden and Jose potentially reconciling their relationship, the father of two denied there was anything going on.

“These people were together for how many years? If they see each other and reconnect that’s fine; they can talk. I’m not mad at that,” Santana said in her confessional. “The only person I gotta talk to here is Joe, who is the father of my son, who I co-parent with. But don’t come over with that f–king cupid s–t b–ch. Go shoot your arrow somewhere else.”

Fans were confused as to why Santana was telling her single, ex-fiancé to stay away from Jose. Many accused her of being threatened by and jealous of Budden’s ex.

“Gurl bye!!! It sounds like you mad 😡 why you Hating on Tahiry  @cynsantana! He obviously don’t give f–k girl u broke up with HIM if he wanted to be wit his ex trust joe would have went all out on her by “

“Sis feels so threaten by Tahiry. She know she aint the one he want for real she just the one who stuck with cause of that baby”

“Cyn is intimidated lol 😂 he should respect y’all co parenting but if he want to deal with that 1999 love for his Boo thang Tahiry he can n he clearly not stunting what u saying bye ex baby momma ex fiancé what a joke”

“Sooooooo you asking him to respect you by not talking or Hooking up with his ex?! 😂 yep Tahiry got her pressed”

Jose and Budden dated off and on for years before officially calling it quits around late 2013, as far as fans know. Budden began dating Cyn Santana nearly two years later.

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