‘This is Foul’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Drag Erica Mena for Acting Cold Toward Cyn Santana After She Gets Emotional Over Joe

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: New York” viewers are already picking sides between Erica Mena and Cyn Santana.

On Monday night’s episode, the two exes came face to face for the first time on television since breaking up years ago, a meeting they made to discuss Mena’s matchmaking efforts. Santana found out that Mena was trying to hook her ex-fiancé Joe Budden up with his off-and-on ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose. Santana felt it was extremely shady of her ex-girlfriend to try and play cupid in Budden’s love life when the pair recently broke up.

“To me, it sounds kind of crazy that you as a pregnant woman didn’t think ‘Oh, they just broke up a few months ago,'” Santana said to Mena.

Erica Mena
Cyn Santana (left) and Erica Mena (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

However, the 31-year-old model defended herself, saying that she didn’t feel the need to take Santana’s feelings into consideration, seeing as she’s part of her “past.” Santana clearly had enough of the drama and broke down in tears and indicated that she was still hurt over her and Budden’s split.

Mena, however, seemingly could not care less and accused Santana of trying to make her out to be the “bad wolf” in the situation. “You’re acting like I’m supposed to have your back, which is like a joke,” Mena said in her confessional. “If it’s anybody’s back I have, it’s Joe and Tahiry’s. And let’s be honest here, Cyn, I definitely seen those crocodile tears before, sis.”

Several “LHHHY” viewers instantly slammed Mena for her “cold” attitude toward Santana.

“Erica should be more careful how she cares herself while she’s carry a gift from god. She’s very evil.Safaree this who you really about to marry.. mean and vengeful..this right here is foul💯‼️”

“Erica cold as f-ck for that. 🤦🏽‍♀️ SHe knows she would be crying if someone did that to her. She a whole bum!”

“@iamerica_mena ur soo toxic n miserable in ur own relationship it’s soo sad ☹️☹️ …DO BETTER u corny and messy as hell”

After recieving backlash for Monday night’s episode, Mena addressed critics and tweeted, “You females are funny. So when table talk was happening and motherfu–ers was sitting around gossiping crazy about Me & rumors on my husband y’all wasn’t screaming out ‘be a woman first’ Now that y’all see tears I’m all these disgusting things?!”

Erica Mena

She continued, “At this end of the day this is a television show. And to be receiving death threats off this is completely disgusting. No one is perfect but we all are great at our job.”

Erica Mena
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