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‘Bitter Exes’: Moniece Slaughter Teams Up With Lil Fizz’s Ex-Girlfriend to Talk Smack, and Fans Call Her Out

It looks like Moniece Slaughter still has a bone to pick with Lil Fizz, the father of her 9-year-old son.

The two exes got clashed during the latest season of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” after Slaughter felt Fizz kept disrespecting her on a frequent basis. To make matters worse, the B2K rapper refused to have a co-parenting relationship with her for the sake of their son and seemingly made light of her mental health issues along with his girlfriend Apryl Jones.

Well it seems Slaughter may be holding a vengeance against her ex-boyfriend and decided to team up with Fizz’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Campbell, from “Marriage Boot Camp” for a video. In a clip posted on Slaughter’s official Instagram page, the former foes indulged in a seafood mukbang while discussing their individual relationships with Lil Fizz.

Moniece Slaughter
Moniece Slaughter and Lil Fizz. (Photo: @moniece_slaughter/Instagram, @airfizzo/Instagram)

Campbell was the first to put the “Bump Bump Bump” rapper on blast and claimed he approached her about faking a relationship for “LHHH” ahead of season 5 for a storyline and an opportunity to get paid. She also said that Fizz was the one who suggested they take their fake relationship on “Marriage Boot Camp” to get a “check.”

“He said link with me I got a bag opportunity, sat down, talked about ‘Marriage Boot Camp, I said cool,” Campbell said. She added that he believes he was involved with Jones at the time of their fake relationship.

Slaughter chimed in and said, “So he came in a liar, and left a liar and he’s still lying.”

Several fans felt Slaughter’s video about Fizz was uncalled for, while others deemed her bitter.

“Misery Love Company 🤷🏽‍♀️ when bitter exes link up like why are we still talking about Fizz 🙄 who cares smh”

“I see why fizz don’t fvxk with her. She stay on some clown s–t. Then she wants to talk about mental illness smh. 🤡”

“Monice needs an life and leave fizz alone 🙄 her and tiffany need to let that hurt go already. This was stupid!”

“So home girl left the show for a mental break which had a lot to do with Fizz….to sit in a mukbang talking about Fizz 💀 ok Moniece smh. Tiffany is miserable”

On season 6 of “LHHH,” Fizz claimed he didn’t want to talk to Slaughter because of all the drama she causes. Slaughter, on the other hand, denied his accusations and claimed she’s tried to reach out to him just to converse but he never answers the phone.

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