Yikes: Quality Control’s Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas Vacates Social Media After Posting Purported Messages From Ex Lira Mercer Admitting Cocaine Use

Around this time last year, model and social media celeb Lira “Galore” Mercer split with Pierre “Pee” Thomas and accused him of mistreating her, as well as being unfaithful.

The two share a daughter together named Khaleesi, and in May Thomas filed a suit for joint custody. Mercer then responded by seeking sole custody, and she said the music mogul abused her, which makes him an unfit parent. Mercer is also suing Thomas for $15 million.

Pierre “Pee” Thomas (left) got off social media after accusing his ex Lira Mercer (right) of cocaine use. (Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

In her recent countersuit, Mercer said that Thomas — who’s the CEO of the label Quality Control — beat her on a regular basis during her first eight months of pregnancy.

She also alleges that he punched and choked her and dislocated her finger.

Mercer said Thomas tried to make up for the alleged beatings by buying her a $50,00 SUV, which she said he broke the window of during another violent fit.

Mercer — who used to be engaged to Rick Ross — said Thomas paid her $50,000 not to call the police on him.

Thomas publicly responded to the suit on Tuesday via Instagram, and he denied abusing Mercer or being an unfit parent. He also accused her of having “toxic aggressive behavior” and using cocaine.

In fact, he shared an alleged text exchange they had where it looked like Mercer admitted to sniffing cocaine. However, there’s no word that those messages have been properly vetted as authentic.

Thomas also shared messages that seem to show him and Mercer arguing about their daughter. And in the caption of his Instagram post, he said Mercer’s lawsuit is nothing more than a money grab.

“One thing I don’t play about is my fatherhood, ” wrote Thomas on Instagram. “I still make time to see my children 4 times out of the week … She can deny her bad drug habits and her toxic aggressive behavior all she wants.”

“This is obviously a 15 million shake down from an angry woman who is down to her last and clearly upset because a failed attempt to get her child support switched to LA, therefore she’d accumulate more each month verses Georgia,” he added. “I’ve never once beat on that woman.”

Whether it was the negative comments he received afterward or another reason, Thomas deleted that message, as well as all of his Instagram posts.

Mercer, meanwhile, is still active on social media and shared her most recent Instagram post on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

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