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Lira Galore Splits With Quality Control’s Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas On IG, Says He Cheats and Takes Gifts Back

Lira Galore just broke up with her fiancé Quality Control Music’s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas, because Thomas hinted that he’s the father of Instagram model Kaylar Will’s child.

Last month Will captioned a pregnancy photo with the words “Mommy Shark,” and earlier this week Thomas wrote “Daddy Shark” underneath it, which set Galore off.

LIra Galore broke up with Quality Control's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas on Instagram


Galore also said she’s been mistreated by Thomas during their time together.

“Now I’ve sat back since I started f—–n with you in July and let you disrespect me publicly,” she wrote. “Let all those around you disrespect me publicly, from the cheating, gas lighting, taking my stuff away when you get mad, giving it to h-es you f—– on.”

From there, Galore  — who used to be engaged to Rick Ross — said she never asked for Thomas’ gifts, and the way he acts publicly and privately are totally different.

The 25-year-old also said she’s feels most hurt because she accepted Thomas’ children and stayed with him despite a lot of issues he has.

“I never asked for none of the money, cars, bags,” she wrote. “These are all things you came at me with. I opened my heart up to accepting your kids and your extended family, so what you won’t do is continue to treat me like you haven’t cried tears to me about how thankful you are to have me and for trying to help you work on you and the demons and issues you are battling [within] yourself.”

Thomas hasn’t responded To Galore at this time.


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