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‘I Can’t Stop Laughing’: Ciara’s Video of 5-Year-Old Future Dancing Derails After Fans Notice Baby Sienna in Background

When your father is the rapper Future and your mother is the singer and dancer Ciara, music runs through your soul.

This appears to be true for 5-year-old Future Wilburn. The kid showed that he’s got the moves in a recent Instagram video that Ciara published. 

“Saturday Feels,” she wrote for the caption before hashtagging “#Dance and #Makeup ☺️❤️.” 

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Saturday Feels. #Dance and #Makeup ☺️❤️

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(Video: Future Wilburn & Sienna Wilson/@Ciara Instagram)

Wilburn can be seen moving and grooving to James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” Ciara can be heard in the background encouraging her son, saying, “Get it, baby.” Wilburn’s little sister, Sienna Wilson, tip-toed her way into the video for some camera action. 

Fans thought it was hilarious that Wilson casually walked into her brother’s video without care to play in makeup.  

“Sisi is such a mood 🤗💕😍😎.”

“I can’t stop laughing! 🤣.” Yolonda Frederick, the celebrity make-up artist, wrote. 

“Sienna is like chileeeee. Future did that tho.”

“Sienna minding her business.”

“Omg go future 🔥 is Sienna really that unbothered doing a whole face over there? I can’t😂😂😂😍😍😍😍.” 

“Sienna in the back, beating her face 🤣🔥❤️.” 

Wilburn also got complimented on his dance moves, drawing comparisons to the late Michael Jackson, Brown, and singer/dance machine Chris Brown. 

“@chrisbrownofficial better watch out!! Future coming for the crown 😂😂💙💙💙.” 

“He’s the next Chris Brown!! 💙.” 

“He wanna be Micheal Jackson so bad 😂😍 too cute l, l 💯.” 

“Lmfao, it’s future & his dance moves, 😂 thinking he MJ 😍😂.” 

“Mr. Brown is pleased!! 😍😍.”

“Awww James Brown would be so proud! 👍🏽.” 

Jackson and the Browns weren’t the only comparisons Wiburn received in the comments. Ciara also obtained credit for giving her son the ability to dance. 

“When you are the son of CC 😩🔥.”

“He get it from his momma😊, he’s gigging.”

“He got it from his mama!!!! Yeeeaaahhhh baby boy show your moves !!! 🤩🤩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.” 

“He got skills like his Mommy!!! ❤️❤️😂😂🙌🙌🙌👍👍.” 

Wilson is the daughter of Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson, who plays quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Ciara and Russell welcomed Wilson into the world in 2017. The songstress and Future ended their engagement in 2014, the same year Wilburn was born.

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