‘Serving Face’: Ciara Followers Say Daughter Sienna Has ‘Model’ Looks

Most kids love Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Ciara‘s kids Future Zahir Wilburn and Sienna Princess Wilson are no different. At least according to some photos the famed singer posted on Wednesday.

In one pic, both children seem to be excited about diving into huge bags of cotton candy they’re holding. In another, the two little ones pose with characters from the “Black Panther” film. A third one captures them chilling with Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse joins them for the fourth photo.

Ciara’s followers clearly loved all of the pics and commented on the warm family vibe they gave off. But a lot of people also had a lot to say about 2-year-old Sienna, and how she has the future potential to model.

“Awww 👏👏look how beautiful Sienna looks in all these pictures 😍,” someone wrote.

“Sienna modeling on that second pic!!!” another person chimed in.

“Sienna serving face hunni 😍😍🙌🏽” a third person commented.

Meanwhile, Ciara’s husband of 3-years Russell Wilson recently spoke to Men’s Journal about once being a “bad kid,” as well as a bully. But things changed once he found spirituality and “Fell in love with Jesus.”

“I was going to church to see the cute girls,” he said.

But a nightmare the NFL quarterback had as a child turned things around for him from that point on.

“In sixth grade I had a dream that my dad passed away,” he explained. “And that Sunday, I went to church, and I just start bawling all of sudden. And that’s when my life kind of changed.”

And his life certainly changed even more when he married Ciara in an English castle on July 6, 2016, then welcomed Sienna in April of the following year.

“Sienna, is a “BEAUTIFUL” little girl with her “MODEL POSE”!!!!👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽,” another person wrote about the Disney photos.

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