‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago,’ Cast Shake-Up Has Fans Asking Questions, Van Johnson Responds

Grab your remote, because “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” has returned to VH1 for a new season. Significant changes have been made to the show, with Bella, Lily Barrios, and Van Johnson, being noticeable no-shows on the new season. 

A fan was bold enough to ask Johnson via Twitter why he is no longer on the show. “WTF bro, why u not on Black Ink?” the fan asked. Johnson responded by writing, “Ask VH1.”

Van Johnson
(photo credit: Van’s Instagram)

Along with getting rid of old cast mates, VH1 also revamped the show’s theme song, changing it to Phor Brumfield’s record “Chi-Town.” 

Alongside Phor Brumfield, his brother Don Brumfield, Charmaine Walker, and Ryan Henry are the original 9MAG crew remaining on the series. 

A fan on Twitter expressed their thoughts on the new season, a comment in which they were adamant that they weren’t feeling “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” without Johnson. 

“‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ just ain’t it this season. Let me know when they get Van back cause no.”

While it’s not clear as to why Johnson is no longer on the show, maybe the sex rumor between him and Walker has something to do with it. In August, the season finale depicted Johnson and Walker being confronted with a hook-up rumor.

(Photo: Twitter)

Fans wondered if Walker and Johnson hooked up at the tattoo convention at the beginning of the season. During the finale, Walker’s then-fiancé Neek Bey proposed to her in front of friends, family, and the 9MAG crew. 

However, the happy moment took a turn for the worse when Bella questioned the cost of Walker’s engagement ring, insulted her fashion choice in front of the future newlyweds’ families, and brought up the sex rumor. 

Walker confronted the 9MAG crew in a separate room, yelling, “Have I ever f–ked Van?!” to which everyone in the room responded by shrugging their shoulders. 

Don Broomfield claimed Johnson told him that Walker fellated him. Phor hinted that Walker “made some mistakes” when she was “drunk.” 

A production staffer named Manny claimed, “Something physical probably happened between Charmaine and Van.” Unseen footage previously showed Don telling the show’s production the rumor was true. 

After the season finale aired, Walker took to her Instagram Story to clear the air.  

Charmaine Walker’s Instagram Story/@omfgrealitytv

Johnson backed up Walker’s statement that “none of it is true” regarding the sex rumor.

Bey also chimed in on Walker’s account, writing, “I can see wicked people a mile away. I’m just glad she now sees the real, and we can move on.”

Fans of the show checked Bella for being messy and the 9MAG crew for not defending Walker. 

“Wow, @charmainej_tv sad fame will tear friendships down hope it gets better. Smh That producer is messy. Bella was doing the most! Don should’ve had your back and was being messy asl. Phor really. Van, I hope it’s not true.”

“This a setup and big fish is known for this smh, and it’s sad af don will do anything for attention he want a spin-off so bad smh poor char.”

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