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‘Keep That Same Energy’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Charmaine Seemingly Blasts Bella and Don for Van Johnson Hook-Up Rumors

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” finale aired on Tuesday evening, and it was every bit of drama some viewers were hoping for.

The rumor about Charmaine Walker and former “9MAG” shop manager Van Johnson sleeping together took a turn for the worse when production decided to dig deeper.

To recap the finale, Walker’s now-fiancé Neek Bey proposed to her in front of their family, friends and 9MAG crew. Everyone seemed happy for the couple’s apparent “happily ever after” except for their co-star Bella. During the pair’s engagement party, Bella asked Bey in front of his and Walker’s families how much he spent on his fiancée’s engagement ring. Bey along with Walker felt Bella’s question was tasteless and “disrespectful.”

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker, Van Johnson and Bella. @vh1 screengrabs

“That’s just something you don’t do, but it’s cool … you gon’ grow up,” Walker yelled.

Bella didn’t stop there. She also ostensibly insulted the bride-to-be for wearing a dress more than once and, in front of the future newlyweds’ families, brought up the sex rumor surrounding Walker and Johnson about those two hooking up at the tattoo convention at the start of the season.

Clearly agitated, Walker confronted the 9MAG crew in a separate room and yelled, “Have I ever f–ked Van?!” to which everyone in the room shrugged their shoulders.

However, when production asked Don Brumfield, a 9MAG tattoo artist, he claimed Johnson told him that Walker went down on him. Brumfield’s brother Phor seemingly indicated that Walker “made some mistakes” when she was “drunk.”

A “Black Ink Crew” production staffer named Manny claimed, “Something physical probably happened between Charmaine and Van.” Previously unseen camera footage also showed Don telling production the rumor was true.

Shortly after the season finale aired, Walker took to her Instagram story to address the drama, “Never in my life have I ever had any sexual contact with Van. It makes me sick to my stomach to see how low some will go for this show. … Brothers are no longer brothers … Relationships are ruined, so let’s remember to keep that same energy when it’s ‘your turn.'”

Charmaine Walker

Johnson also denied having any sexual relations with Walker, claiming “none of it is true.”

Walker’s fiancé Bey also made a statement, writing, “I can see wicked people a mile away. I’m just glad she now sees the real and we can move on.”

“Black Ink Chi” fans slammed Bella for starting drama and the rest of 9MAG for not having Walker’s back.

“Wow @charmainej_tv sad fame will tear friendships down hope it gets better. Smh That producer is messy. Bella was doing the most! Don should’ve had your back and was being messy asl. Phor really.. Van I hope it’s not true 🙄.”

“This a set up and big fish is known for this smh and it’s sad af don will do anything for attention he want a spin off so bad smh poor char.”

“Bella just mad bcuz ain’t nobody proposing to her dusty ass anytime soon. She ain’t even got a man or a ring. smh Don was the hulk when they brought up him cheating on Ashley. Now you running to producers?!🤮. Phor I expected better and Ryan is annoying now.”

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