‘Good Move’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Applaud Charmaine for Snapping at 9MAG for Not Having Her Back

Although it’s a new season of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” cast mates are still rehashing old beefs.

Former 9MAG employee Charmaine Walker kicked off the series premiere by announcing her new tattoo shop 2nd City Ink. Last season, Walker was fired for a second time after 9MAG owner Ryan Henry decided to shut down his old shop for good. Not to mention Henry, along with Don Brumfield and his brother Phor, whom Walker considered as family, all knew about her future termination in advance and decided not to tell her.

Additionally, a nasty rumor surrounding Walker and ex 9MAG tattoo artist Van Johnson circulated around the shop just weeks before Henry gave the former celebrity concierge the boot.

Ryan Henry
(From left) Ryan Henry, Charmaine Walker, Bella, and Van Johnson. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Perhaps expectedly, in the Dec. 4 season premiere Walker walked into the new season with a grudge against Henry, Don and Phor for not having her back last season during all the melodrama going on at the time. The trio actually showed up to Walker’s “rolling out” party for her new 2nd City Ink shop to support her, but Walker was still upset at them.

“None of my efforts were ever appreciated and I was tossed aside like I ain’t even matter,” Walker said in her confessional.

She then yelled at her former 9MAG co-stars, “Y’all did not have my back in general. … If we really f–ked with each other like y’all claimed. Y’all wasn’t my brothers like that. Nobody came and hollered at me. … Y’all didn’t look out for me, y’all f–king looked out for each other! It is what it is.”

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers applauded Walker for going off on her cast mates and blasting them for seemingly disrespecting her.

“Yesss tell dey ass off Charmaine! 🤣 They ain’t have ya back at all last season n dey shld had. Now they looking dumb 🤡🤡🤡 three stooges thats wut dey get.”

“Good Move Char! Be about your Business Stay professional! You can only go up! They wanted to fire you and make you irrelevant but couldn’t. I’m happy for Charmaine take the platform and do something out of it.”

“They Did Charmaine Wrong! Like ceaser did kitty Wrong! Smh char feel some way cause remember she quit ? They begged her to come back just to fire her a week later 😭 no two week notice nothing 🤦🏽‍♀️. Glad she went off.”

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