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‘Hey Muva’: Keyshia Ka’Oir Puts Haters to Rest With This ‘Natural Beat’ Snapshot

Model Keyshia Ka’Oir never ceases to impress fans with her ever-changing looks.

Gucci Mane‘s proud wife is all about having a unique style, frequently donning electric blue eyeshadow, orange hairdos and bold fashion pieces. But she also apparently understands the power behind a simple au naturel mien.

Sunday afternoon, Ka’Oir, 34, took to Instagram and shared a stunning selfie that clearly was a hit with fans. She went for a simple makeup look, including a nude eye shadow with flutter lashes, basic eyebrows and a translucent lip gloss. She wore her hair in black ringlets and decided to ditch her recent blue pixie cut.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Keyshia Ka’Oir @keyshiakaoir/Instagram

Sporting an off-the-shoulder denim top and her “Mrs Davis” diamond necklace, Ka’Oir captioned her post, “Selfie after dinner !!”

Her subdued look was immediately praised by social media users.

“Hey muva 😍 how do you always look so perfect❤️ #keyshakaior ?? So classy !! Forever my inspiration ✨”

“U look really pretty😍 love the naturalness… Flawless with no effort real island beauty”

” The simple look is everything on u! Lookn like dinner 😩🤤 a natural gal for you”

“So pretty can’t believe it she actually looks ‘normal’ instead of a life size Bratz doll. No shade 😘 but keep this look 😍”

Regardless of how fans feel about Ka’Oir’s subtle or over-the-top makeup appearances, she personally takes pride in being eccentric when it comes to her overall style. Her distinctiveness inspired her to start her cosmetics company that sells various shades of lipsticks like blue and green tints.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Keyshia Ka’Oir. (Photo: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram)

“My friends were all like, you can’t wear blue lipstick because people will make fun of you,” she told The Cut in February 2018 during an interview. “I ignored them, because I’m always a unique person and I want to be over the edge.”

She added, “No one knew my name [before dating Gucci Mane], no one knew who I was, but everyone wanted to be the girl with the mohawk and the blue lipstick.”

As for Ka’Oir and her husband and Gucci, the mother of three recently reminisced about the day her husband proposed to her.

“Our proposal❤️,” she wrote via Instagram on Nov. 22 with an Instagram video of their engagement. “On this day 3 years ago 11/22/16 my best friend @laflare1017 asked me to marry him!”

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