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‘Buddy Big Mad’: ‘Married To Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Confronts Husband Over Trip to Strip Club, Fans Choose Sides

Dr. Damon, husband of Dr. Heavely Kimes of “Married To Medicine,” is in big trouble after a leisurely trip to a strip club led to tension in his marriage on the Dec. 1 episode.

“If I go to the strip club it’s not like I cheated, it’s not like I’ve had sex or something like that or a girl did something to me,” explained Dr. Damon to his wife, whom he affectionately calls Buddy.

(Photo: @omfgrealitytv/Instagram)

Despite his calm demeanor and locked-in eye contact, words like “I treat you like a queen, I do right by you all the time” fell on deaf ears. With her honey-blond faux locs sitting pretty atop her head and her cheekbones highlighted, Dr. Heavenly made it clear she’s not here for the strip club shenanigans, let alone another woman placing her body anywhere on her man. Dr. Damon had come clean about a dancer putting a leg on him.

Fans found the conversation between Dr. Heavenly and her husband to be comical and nothing more.

“Yes Heavenly it’s ok … let the man have a little funnnn😂😂😂😂 when you was looking at the naked boys it was ok…guuurrrll bye.”

“O Buddy big mad lol 😂😂😂😂 she said ‘one was on yo leg’ like she referring to roaches.”

When called on the carpet a few episodes ago about her being picked up by a naked model at cast mate Toya Bush-Harris’ birthday party, Heavenly decided she’d had enough of the conversation and stormed out the room, prompting several in the comments to call her a “hypocrite.”

One commenter saw the conversations as a means of finally lifting the veil on the couple’s relationship.

“I’m telling you Heavenly is going to the reason this man cheat she is so insecure….I’m so glad they are putting the spotlight on Heavenly’s marriage this season because she is so secretive about her marriage and constantly says she has the perfect marriage, as as we can see there’s trouble in paradise.”

Dr. Heavenly
(Photo: Bravo/Married to Medicine)

During season 6 of the show, fellow cast mate Mariah Huq ran with accusations of Dr. Damon cheating on his “Buddy”, but during part two of the reunion show he addressed the false narrative head-on.

“I was hurt because I think I’ve been extremely kind to Mariah. I think I’ve been supportive,” said Dr. Damon.

As the season continues to unfold, only time will tell just where Dr. Damon and Dr. Heavenly stand with each other.

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