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‘I Would Have Beat Her A**’: ‘Married to Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris Called Out for Failing to Defend Hubby After He’s Called a ‘Big Ass B****’

The season 7 premiere of “Married to Medicine” Sunday night didn’t conclude without a clash erupting between Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Toya Bush-Harris.

As the ladies gathered with their co-stars to celebrate the opening of Dr. Heavenly Kimes‘ husband Dr. Damon Kimes’ surgery center, they attempted to hash out some issues among the women.

At one point, Dr. Simone Whitmore addresses her issue with Dr. Heavenly calling her husband out online. To that, Heavenly says it was some “b—h s–t” for Whitmore’s husband, Cecil, to engage with her as a woman. Bush-Harris, however, disagreed that Cecil’s actions were “b—” like, which led Contessa to state her thoughts on the matter.

“That’s cool if we can start doing that, then if a man talks some s–t to me and I can call him a b—h that’s cool,” she says.

Bush-Harris replied by noting that on a girls’ trip last year, Dr. Contessa’s husband was “in Simone’s face” when the two women had an argument. Bringing up the issue did not sit well with Contessa.

“Don’t do that,” she says. “Don’t act like your husband don’t always be ready to battle for you.”

“My husband don’t fight b—hes,” Bush-Harris replied of hubby Dr. Eugene Harris.

“Your husband is literally the definition of a big ass b–h!” Dr. Contessa says, exploding on her cast member.

Whether editing had something to do with it or not, fans failed to see Bush-Harris say anything in defense of her husband after Metcalfe’s fiery remark. It looked as if she simply shot an alarmed expression toward Dr. Contessa.

Noticing that, fans quickly blasted Bush-Harris for her reaction.

“Contessas lace front along with all of her edges still attached to it would have been clenched in my hand!!!! I would have BEAT👏🏽 HER 👏🏽 ASS👏🏽!!!!!!!!”

“toya must be working on herself or something but if someone called my partner a big ass bitch I would be in the back of a police while they are getting wheeled into the back of ambulance.”

“I’m squaring up if a female talk about my husband like that!!”

“Toya I wouldn’t be mad at you if you popped her at this point. So very disrespectful !”

Neither Bush-Harris or Dr. Contessa have reacted to the on-screen dustup on any of their social media channels.

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