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‘U Messy Af’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Sky Days After She Claims Kitty Lied About Not Sleeping With Ryan Henry

It seems “Black Ink Crew” star Sky Days isn’t done causing drama for her fellow co-star Miss Kitty.

A few episodes ago, Days spread a rumor about Kitty, the shop’s brand ambassador, sleeping with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry. During a dinner for her cast mates, the human resources head told them, “Glass to your lips, everyone knows that Kitty f–ked Ryan in Chicago.”

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Both Kit and Henry have both denied being sexually intimate with each other, but Black Ink shop owner Ceaser Emanuel doesn’t buy it. Even Days herself seemingly defended her co-star against the rumor fans believed was started by Kitty’s bestie Tati, but it seems Days is now backtracking on that stance.

After the airing of the Nov. 18 episode, where Kitty told Days she didn’t sleep with Henry, Days took it upon herself to comment on the show’s official Instagram page, “She lying.”

Sky Days
Sky Days accuses Miss Kitty of lying about Ryan Henry. @blackinkcrew/Instagram

Although Kitty never responded to her co-star offline, “Black Ink” fans following the page blasted Days for coming sideways at Kitty.

“Sky 🙄 why dont your nosey ass get a life, or work on getting your shop back, u are messy af! I hope kitty beat that ass!”

“Sky is always worried about somebody elses business. She should get her relationship together with her kids ole two faced ass!”

“I ‘m sick of Sky messy, big mouth fake ass! Why is she concerned about who’s laying with whom?”

“😡 sky sky sky if you don’t know the truth shut up. You started this mess for no other reason others then she’s unhappy. #mentalhealthisimportant”

Sky Days
Miss Kitty (left) and Sky Days (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Emanuel and Kitty dated off and on for years and, according to their co-star Donna Lombardi, the pair are still sexually involved. Their intimate relationship and Emanuel’s friendship with Henry could explain why the “Black Ink” owner was so distraught over Days’ claims.

Despite the unwavering backlash Days received for recently accusing Kitty of lying, a few fans still jumped to her defense.

“Kitty lying period and it’s ok Ryan is fine as s–t. Stop comin for sky she just trying to help damn it!”

“Something definitely happened. I agree with Skyy why she gotta lie about it!”

Take a look at the episode below:
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