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‘Man TF Up’: Teddy Ruks and Ceaser Get Dragged by ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans for ‘Trippin’ Over Tati and Kitty

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” viewers are calling out Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks for their “petty” and “childish” behavior toward their ex-girlfriends Miss Kitty and Tati.

Over the past few episodes, tension between the quartet thickened after Ruks found out his ex-girlfriend Tati was dating another “Black Ink” employee at a different location and Emanuel found out Kitty was allegedly sleeping with his associate Ryan Henry from “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.” The shop owner and Ruks appeared on a mission to teach their exes a lesson, although it didn’t go over too well with their viewers.

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In a trailer for the Nov. 13 episode, the “Black Ink” staff decided to take a trip down to Cleveland, Ohio, to support the comedy show of one of their crew members. Emanuel, Ruks and HR head Sky Days rode in a separate vehicle from the rest of the gang and discussed the drama that’d been going on in the shop over the past few days.

Emanuel and Ruks both feel some sort of way about their exes apparently getting involved with new people and decided they want to uninvite Kitty and Tati from the rental house in Cleveland and have them stay in hotel rooms.

Teddy Ruks
Teddy Ruks and Tati. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

The “Black Ink” owner even took things a little further and slammed Kitty for allegedly sleeping with Henry, although the “Chicago” tattoo artist denied the allegations.

“Kitty, you done f–ked a homie? You had me fooled. I thought you was just so much better than that. So classy. Like, I would not expect you to be homie hopping. And you’re a homie hopper,” Emanuel said during his green screen.

Black Ink” viewers slapped down both Emanuel and Ruks’ “immature thinking” and blasted the stars for their “petty” behavior.

“The nerve!!! They need to stop acting like lil bitches and get out there dam feelings!! That’s niggas for you 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“Wthhhhhhh 🙄 isn’t Teddy f–king to someone else!?!! And Kitty ain’t with Ceasar sooooo 🙄🙄 They some b–ches they treat women bad and the min the table turn they want to cry”

“Man tf up! Both of them are some B–ch a– n-ggas trippin . They straight up act like females. Sad excuse for a man.”

“All Teddy do is f–k these females and Ceas ain’t even with Kitty. Tell them mfs get out they feelings 🤔!”
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