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‘The New Is Here’: Evelyn Lozada Takes Major Step and Gets Baptized Following Tense Season on ‘Basketball Wives’

Evelyn Lozada has recently made a new step when it comes to her faith, and fans are applauding her for it.

Months after clashing with several co-stars on “Basketball Wives” this past season, the performer has gotten baptized. She shared photos following her experience on Instagram Nov. 18.

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“This journey though personal is also about staying true to who I am, who HE is and what truly feeds my soul ❤️🙏🏽,” read the reality star’s caption Monday.

Lozada, who did not disclose what church she attended for the baptism but apparently had it done at the Freedom Church in the L.A. area, had fans applauding over her new move. A baptism symbolizes purification or renewal and admission to the Christian church.

“Coming up feels like every weight, burden, and worry is just gone, love this Ev and you! 💜”

“@evelynlozada Congratulations for giving your life to Christ! It’s the best life insurance policy that you have and can ever take out on you life. And guess what……IT’S FREE! Glory be to God! You are now MY sister in Christ.🙏🏽😘🙋🏽”

“Amazing… The Old is gone the New is here… Happy Birthday and many blessings @evelynlozada 🙏🏽❤️”

“You know that means no more acting a fool……..Congratulations 💯💖”

“God Bless you.. On your platform you will be able to do great things ❤”

“Ohhh girl cleanse the racist souls…in Jesus name…Amen!”

evelyn lozada
Evelyn Lozada (center). (Photo: @evelynlozada/Instagram)

The final comment likely refers to O.G., although it was Lozada who was accused of being racist toward her co-star. As the “Basketball Wives” cast member’s on-screen feud over Lozada’ ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson heated up, Lozada hit back on her Instagram Story writing, “Nobody watches you harder than the people that can’t stand you.” A GIF of a laughing orangutan accompanied the post, which O.G. took issue with.

“And there it is.. Show your true colors you racist bigot.. You called … me a ‘monkey’ may god take care of you well well..Evelyn lozada.. @vh1 not ok #iheartog #nigerianknockout #bbwla #vh1 #basketballwives #evelynlozadatheracist #boom,” O.G. tweeted in September.

Meanwhile, the retired Legends Football League player accused Lozada of trying to act Black as she wore her hair in cornrows and hurled the n-word around casually.

“You’re not black! You can gel your hair done all you want, you can say n—a this and n—a that. … You’re not black!” O.G. fired off. Lozada has since defended her Afro-Latina roots, telling Hollywood Unlocked in October, “I know where I come from, I know where my parents come from, I know where my great-grandparents come from.”

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