Happily Wed to Marjorie, Steve Harvey Shares the Key Question Women Need to Ask Men


After 12 years of wedded bliss with Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a relationship work. And for women looking to settle down, the comedian knows the one question they ought to ask potential suitors.

“If you wanna know how much money a man makes, the question you ask him is, how do you spend your downtime?” Harvey explains in his segment “Rolling with Steve Harvey.” If he starts saying I travel, scuba diving, next trip into Ecuador, he got money. You can’t do none of this s–t without no money. Golf, travel, this s–t cost money. We don’t do that until you get money. That’s how you find out how a guy is, what he does in his spare time, I travel, I go to art shows, I like going to exhibits, I travel to work. The dude got money.”

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Harvey continued that other hobbies, like feeding pigeons in the park, are indicators of a lack of funds.

“Not fittin’ to be sittin’ on no park bench with you with them nasty ass f–kin’ birds,” he said jokingly.

Feeding pigeons certainly is not on the list of hobbies for Harvey, who Forbes reported now pulls in $45 million a year.

steve harvey
Steve Harvey attends NATPE 2016 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Jan. 20, 2016, in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

Golf is among one of the former “Steve” host’s pastimes, and he’s transformed the hobby into an annual charity event to boot.

In June, the comedian hosted his annual Steve Harvey Golf Invitational Tournament.

“For you all to come out here today, you’re making a major contribution to the lives of young boys,” Harvey said to the crowd at the event this summer, which benefits his and his wife’s charity, the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

Harvey and his wife, who runs a fashion blog, have also made time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, too. Each summer, the couple takes lavish getaways with one another. Last year, that included taking in the sights of Bastille, France, as well as a romantic sunset-soaked boat ride in Port Canto. This year, the couple visited Monte Carlo, Monaco, before trekking with their family to Accra, Ghana. There, the Harveys had an emotional journey through the slave trade castles along what was formerly Gold Coast.

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