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‘I Love Her and She Loves Me’: Steve Harvey Forced to Step In When Haters Trash Marriage to Wife Marjorie

Steve Harvey’s extravagant family summer vacation is enough to make anyone’s head spin. He, his wife Marjorie Harvey and their children have taken the globe by storm over the last few months, but the high-priced getaway has some deeming Marjorie a gold digger, and the former talk show host isn’t standing for it.

On Instagram Wednesday, Marjorie uploaded a photo of herself sitting in a helicopter as Harvey stood outside of it, as seen in the reflection. The duo prepared to bid adieu to Monte Carlo, Monaco, and head on their next trip to Accra, Ghana, where Marjorie soaked up historic sites and visited Christie Brown, a local luxury fashion boutique. It’s not clear if the children went, too.

“Au revoir,” Marjorie wrote simply in the photo’s caption.

stee harvey

However, commenters began chiming in on how Marjorie, who founded the fashion and beauty blog The Lady Loves Couture, is using her husband of 12 years for his money.

“Don’t spend all the money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳honey”

“Yeah as long as you have money in your pocket. Haha”

“You breaking Steve’s Bank account… 🤔😂🤡”

“Truth is she loved your money and it loved her back..”

Such remarks led Steve to chime in and say, “Truth is…I love her and she loves me, thats a fact …… you know 2people really can be in love …. it really is possible❤️.”

steve harvey

Forbes reports the comedian earned $45 million as of July 2019. And despite his talk show “Steve” getting canceled on NBC as well as the network removing him as host from the variety talent show “Little Big Shots,” the mogul still manages to make a living with other gigs. He’s still hosting “Family Feud” and its spinoff “Celebrity Family Feud.” Plus, Steve maintains his nationally syndicated radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

And he’s largely done it all with his wife by his side.

The Harveys wed in 2007 after initially meeting in the late 1980s. Marjorie told Essence magazine that they dated for a time, but said distance made them break up.

However, speaking to his studio audience between takes on “Family Feud,” Steve explained he was nearing homelessness and couldn’t afford to see her any longer.

The two went their separate ways and Harvey booked the Apollo Theater. As his star began to climb, however, it was too late for him to reunite with his ex, whom he told upon meeting her at a comedy club in the ’80s that he would marry her.

But after a series of failed marriages on both sides, the two finally came back together. And while Marjorie told Essence the two sometimes reminisce about missed time, she enjoys present-day Steve.

“I have a more seasoned Steve now — a man that knows what he wants, is confident in his own skin, and it’s just a beautiful relationship now,” she said in 2010.

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