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Another Surrogate Journey? This ‘RHOA’ Star Is Considering Following Kandi Burruss’ Lead to Expand Her Family

It seems that a future season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” could involve another journey toward expanding a family via surrogacy following Kandi Burruss’ own.

Kenya Moore recently disclosed that despite the state of her relationship with estranged husband Marc Daly, she would like to give their 1-year-old daughter Brooklyn Doris Daly a younger sibling.

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“I didn’t need to consider it this time, but now that I’ve had complications after giving birth, it’s probably the only way I could have a child again,” Moore said to Us Weekly Nov. 8 after confirming she wants to have another baby but doesn’t “know yet” if it will be soon.

“I know Brooklyn loves other kids. She loves children,” she shared. “And I would like for her to have a playmate and someone who is like her confidant and close and I want that for her, I just don’t know.”

Moore said she’s “had the itch” to have another baby since her daughter was 6 months old. But it’s important for the 48-year-old to be “as healthy, as vibrant and as available — all of those things to a second child as I am with my first.”

kenya moore
Kenya Moore. (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

The “RHOA” star became a first-time mom at 47 when she welcomed her self-described “miracle baby” into the world via an emergency cesarean section. Moore, who conceived Brooklyn via in vitro fertilization, had preeclampsia, a condition which is characterized by high blood pressure, along with uterine fibroids.

Days later, on Nov. 4, 2018, Moore headed to the hospital and doctors took three hours to complete the c-section, which typically takes half an hour.

“They couldn’t get the baby out,” she said. “There were all these complications and they knew if they cut into a fibroid, I could potentially bleed out and die. So they ended up cutting me vertically too, to just get the baby out and make sure I survived the surgery. They were so scared they were going to lose me.”

Should Moore conceive her second baby via surrogate, she’ll follow in Burruss’ footsteps. The singer first explored that option to have a third child on “RHOA” season 11. After some hesitation from the family, Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have forged ahead to expand their brood. The couple is now expecting a baby girl sometime next year, as Burruss shared on her online segment “Speak On It” that “out of the two [embryos] that we thought had took, only one of them made it.”

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