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‘Tacky’: Joseline Hernandez’s Recent Beauty Post Derails After Fans Trash Her Get-Up

Joseline Hernandez apparently committed a fashion faux pas this week that earned her a roasting from social media users.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress posted a photo of herself flossing her beauty and sexy looks. She donned a nude-colored camisole top, purple lace tights and red platform heels while snapping it up on the balcony of her Miami condo. She also opted for a bronzed makeup look and wore her hair in voluminous curly tresses that fell just a little below her shoulders.

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Clearly feeling herself, she captioned her Instagram post on Tuesday evening, “The block is hot 🥵.”

Fans instantly flooded the star’s post with comments of disapproval.

“U look beautiful but the outfit looks cheap you need 2 hire a stylist. This baby cannot dress 🙄”

“@joseline what in the entire f-ck do you be wearing?😂🤦🏾‍♀️ ole Dorothy ass shoes 😂”

“Girl you look tacky & thrifty 😭 this don’t look right I’m sorry. she looks nice with those stockings”

Other fans denounced critics and jumped to the 33-year-old mother’s defense.

“People always got something to say about her 🙄 how about y’all ugly asses post a pic then”

“Joseline don’t worry bout them damn haters. U look good bae 😻🔥”

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez. @joseline/Instagram

The self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” has yet to respond to naysayers, but she told Huffington Post during a 2017 interview that she’s often unfazed In general by the criticism she receives.

“Everybody’s able to say whatever they want, feel however they feel, and it’s not really a big deal to me because if I choose to live my life in front of the media then I need to take what they give,” she said.

In other news, Hernandez is still undergoing a custody battle with her ex-fiance Stevie J. over their 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

The father of six was reportedly awarded primary custody of their 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella. Court documents apparently obtained by Bossip supposedly state Stevie J. was granted full custody and will serve as the toddler’s primary custodial parent until their next court hearing in February 2020. Hernandez has been granted visitation.

Joseline Hernandez
(From left) Stevie J., Adamma McKinnon, DJ Balistic Beats, Joseline Hernandez, baby Bonnie Bella, Sierra Gates, Akbar V. and Benzino. (Photo: @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram)

Hernanadez has yet to speak on reports, but last time in September, she blasted the media for reporting on her child custody case, saying, “The Primary custody of my daughter belongs to her Mother and her Father. Is sad that you so call reporters obtain fake paperwork to ruin relationships. So if you had a question of her where abouts…….. She’s in the sky!”

There have been no more updates regarding Hernandez and Stevie’s custody case. The pair seemed to have an amicable co-parenting relationship.

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