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‘You Tried It’: Dr. Jackie’s Attempt to Clear the Air Concerning Her Remarks About Buffie Purselle Fails to Convince Fans

Dr. Jackie Walters stunned “Married to Medicine” viewers Sunday when a sneak peek of the next episode saw her publicly out Buffie Purselle as “infertile.” And following a wave of backlash immediately after the preview aired, the OB/GYN has defended herself.

“To find out the thing most of us grow up wanting to do, you can’t do,” Walters said to a crowd at her “The Queen V” book cover reveal of her early desire for a family. “And Buffie, you can relate. You’re infertile.”

The remark spawned a lengthy response from Purselle, who said Jackie had “malicious intent” when she stated she was infertile. The tax and personal finance professional also denied she was infertile, noting she “was just unable to carry my babies to full term.”

Now, on the newest episode of Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ “Heaven Help Us,” Walters called in to clear the air about her remarks.

“How can I — who am also infertile — say that about somebody with malice?” she says. “And when I said it, I said it with the hopes I was connecting and telling everybody why it’s so necessary to read the book. That’s like me saying to you, ‘Heavenly, you’re black.’ … And so, I didn’t mean it in a malicious sense. Never, ever, ever.”

Dr. Jackie added that she “absolutely was” trying to connect with Purselle.

“If you don’t know me, I can understand how people could be offended,” she says. “However, that’s definitely not [the] intention to be ugly or throw shade. I would never throw shade about infertility or breast cancer or anything at all.”

Heavenly noted the way the footage was edited made it appear as if Jackie had “called the girl infertile,” which Jackie agreed with.

“Right, and it made me mad,” she says. “When you watch it, you can see I didn’t come from a malicious place.”

“See, guys? There you have it!” Heavenly tells her viewers once Jackie hangs up to get back to work. “She didn’t call nobody infertile. I mean, she called ’em that but she didn’t mean it like that.”

Yet despite Jackie’s explanation, fans still had a problem with Dr. Jackie publicly telling Purselle’s business about her health.

“It still wasn’t your business to tell even if you didn’t mean it in a nasty way”

“The entire room can see Heavenly is black. The entire can’t see Buffy is infertile. You tried it Jackie”

“Girl bye jackie is shady just like the rest of them !”

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