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‘That Was a Dirty Move’: ‘Married to Medicine’ Newbie Shares Lengthy Response to Dr. Jackie ‘Humiliating’ Her After Outing Her as ‘Infertile’

A preview for the next episode of “Married to Medicine” saw Dr. Jackie Walters reveal some deeply personal information about Buffie Purselle, and the newbie is now speaking out.

On Bravo Sunday, Walters is seen giving a speech at her “The Queen V” book cover reveal party. There, the OB/GYN shares her experience going through chemotherapy and radiation after getting diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.

“To find out the thing most of us grow up wanting to do, you can’t do,” Walters shares of having a family. “And Buffie, you can relate. You’re infertile. So I encourage every woman in here to take your pain — you know it, ladies — and make it your purpose.”

Buffie explained in a confessional that she had “really surface-level discussions” with her cast mate about her “challenges with fertility,” adding that it was “nothing real deep.”

The revelation stunned the “Married to Medicine” cast, and, by Tuesday, Purselle took to Instagram to explain why Dr. Jackie’s seemingly casual mention of her struggles to conceive was so hurtful.

“This was one of the most humiliating and painful moments in my life. I am proud that I was able to rise above my pain and embarrassment and conduct myself as the lady that my Mother and Grandmother raised me to be,” she began.

After explaining that she and Dr. Jackie have only discussed the idea that she is “forced to explain my many failed attempts at motherhood,” Purselle bashed the idea that she is infertile, emphasizing she’s had “CHALLENGES with fertility.”

“To call another woman infertile is cruel. That word doesn’t begin to describe the type of person that I am,” the tax and personal finance professional went on. “The clinical definition is that you are unable to GET pregnant. Well, I can and have gotten pregnant many times. I was just unable to carry my babies to full term. Additionally, it means that you bear no fruit. Well, I like to think that I have been a productive member of society and that my mark will be left through philanthropy.”

Purselle further said Dr. Jackie made the remark “with malicious intent” and the doctor “has NEVER offered me a sincere apology.” But the new reality star said she doesn’t want an apology from Dr. Jackie and noted the remark was not an “editing trick,” like some have speculated.

“Being forced to relive it on television and social media hasn’t been fun,” she added before thanking people for offering “positive words of encouragement.”

“The kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze me,” she said in conclusion. “I’m fine. I’m tougher than I seem and this too shall pass. I am thankful to know who my REAL friends are on the cast @drsswhit @iluvmariah and @toyabushharris and thanks #Lake and #DrJarret 💜💜💜 #married2med.”

In response, viewers of “M2M” largely sided with Purselle.

“Jackie was wrong ASF for that”

“Yeah that’s so wrong. There is literally no excuse, that’s something you don’t even repeat, let alone tell a whole damn room of people. 🤦🏽‍♀️”


“That was a dirty move😳”

Walters has not responded to the backlash or Purselle’s Instagram post.

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