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‘Do Better’: Erica Dixon Seemingly Hits Back at Lil Scrappy After He Posts About Problematic ‘Baby Mamas’

It’s no secret Erica Dixon and her ex-fiancé Lil Scrappy don’t get along.

Last season on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” viewers witnessed Dixon and Lil Scrappy go at it. The “No Love” rapper took issue with the mother of his 14-year-old daughter making comments about him being late on child support payments. He also labeled her a “basic baby mama” and insinuated that she was upset that he married his wife Bambi and not her.

To make matters worse, last week Scrappy took to Instagram and posted two back-to-back videos about women using their kids against fathers who try to take care of their children. He even shared a clip of a woman blasting resentful women who are mad about their exes moving on to the next woman and not marrying them. He wrote, “I feel like she speaking for me and the rest.”

Erica Dixon
Lil Scrappy posts about bitter baby mamas. @reallilscrappy/Instagram

Scrappy’s apparent alluding messages toward Dixon caused her to seemingly respond, tweeting on Nov. 3, “So many of y’all really are sheep. Do better, be better.”

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon seemingly responds to Lil Scrappy. @msericadixon/twitter

It’s unclear what prompted the Atlanta rapper to make such a post, but fans definitely caught wind of the shade he was throwing at Dixon.

“So Basically @reallilscrappy your saying the female in this video is you in real life 🤣🤣🤣 Your a clown, Erica has moved on won’t you do the same 🤷‍♀️”

“I wish Scrappy and Erica would just put aside their beef for Emani. Smh this is years. praying of you 2 😔”

Lil Scrappy
Erica Dixon (left) and Lil Scrappy and his wife Bambi Benson (right). (Photos: VH1, omfgreality screen grabs)

Dixon has with tension Scrappy and his wife Bambi due to their nonexistent co-parenting relationship. Dixon also claimed Bambi’s mother purposely insulted their 14-year-old daughter multiple times and he didn’t do anything about it.

Scrappy denied her allegations and said he and wife choose not to communicate with Dixon because she’s apparently full of drama.

It’s pretty clear the trio have yet to put aside their differences for the sake of their daughter, who wants them all to get along.

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